USA Badminton Signs Sport Ambassadors Through 2024

Dec. 27, 2017, 6 p.m. (ET)

USA Badminton Signs Sport Ambassadors Through 2024


The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, in conjunction with the U.S. Olympic Committee, today announced that USA Badminton has secured anonymous Sport Ambassador donors for the organization through 2024.


“These donors’ commitment to USA Badminton will be a complete game-changer for our sport and the U.S. athletes who dedicate their lives to mastering it,” says Jeff Dyrek, CEO of USA Badminton. “We look forward to putting USA Badminton in the best position it’s ever been in to win medals.”


The Sport Ambassador Program pairs leading American philanthropists with National Governing Bodies to identify and prioritize the organization’s unmet needs in the areas of coaching, athlete support and more.


Through an incremental gift towards an NGB’s sport-specific project and by underwriting a portion of the USOC’s budgetary allocation for the sport, individuals singlehandedly provide the financial support necessary for sports to become medal-ready.


USA Badminton’s top priority is to use the additional support provided by the new Sport Ambassadors to recruit and retain a world-class coach for its national team.


That, Dyrek says, will have a trickle-down effect, from current athletes who will receive the coaching and support they need to earn medals to junior athletes in the developmental pipeline who will see direct growth in their sport across the country.


“When we approached these generous individuals with the Sport Ambassador Program opportunity, we emphasized to them that their support will change the landscape of badminton in the U.S.,” says David Simon, chair of USA Badminton.


Founded in 1936, USA Badminton united programs from across the U.S. with standardized rules and regulations for the game. The organization held its first national championships a year later and became a member of the International Badminton Federation in 1938.


In 1949, USA Badminton earned its first world titles in men’s singles and mixed doubles at the All-England Championships. Between 1949 and 1967, U.S. badminton athletes earned 23 individual world championships and three women’s world championships. Badminton has been an official Olympic sport since 1992 but, despite its international success, USA Badminton has never won an Olympic medal.


With support from its new Sport Ambassadors, USA Badminton’s goal is to make its first podium appearance at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and to increase its medal count at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, which will unfold near the organization’s Anaheim headquarters.


“This gift is transformative for USA Badminton and will set athletes up for success as soon as 2024, and especially at Los Angeles 2028,” says Alan Ashley, chief of sport performance at the USOC. “I have confidence in Jeff and David’s leadership and expect this level of support to benefit USA Badminton across the board.”

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