Berkeley Cruises to Victory at 2013 Collegiate Nationals

March 26, 2013, 3:56 p.m. (ET)

            Another year at the Collegiate Nationals is in the books and a familiar face is sitting on top of the results. The University of California-Berkley was able win the tournament while having the privilege to host the event as well, giving the Golden Bears a truly successful weekend. UC-Berkley was able to come away with the win, but it did not come easy. Rival UCLA finished second and UC-San Diego placed third. UC-Davis and UC-Irvine also competed in the tournament.

            Cal-Berkley was able to win gold in two of the five events. Terrance Pang was able to take home the gold in Men’s singles over Jeffrey Kuo (USC), and then followed that up with another gold medal in Mixed Doubles with partner Sarah Chan after an exciting match against Angela Yee and Jesse Wu (UC San Diego). The Golden Bears also were able to medal in each one of the events that were held.

            Besides the five UC schools, five other institutions brought in individual players to compete in the 2013 Collegiate Nationals. Six representatives from De Anza College, New York University, San Francisco State University, USC, and Wellesley College came to participate and five of the six individuals medaled. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment as these individuals proved they can compete at the highest level.

            The most impressive medal may have happened between two of these individuals. Danae Long (San Francisco State) and Pinky Li (De Anza College) found themselves paired together in the Women’s Doubles bracket. Bringing two players together from different schools can cause problem when it comes to team cohesion, however these two did not seem to have that problem. Long and Li were able to advance to the championship match where they faced 2012 Olympian Rena Wang along with her sister Iris Wang. The two individuals put up a great fight against the dynamic duo from UCLA but ended up falling just short and won silver. Long and Li put on a great demonstration of determination and perseverance in their silver medal run and will surely serve as an inspiration for future Collegiate National participants.

            The Wang sisters contributed to both of the gold medals for UCLA during the tournament. Besides winning the Women’s Doubles bracket, Iris Wang also went on to win the Women’s Singles event with Sharon Ng (Wellesley College) taking home the silver. Calvin and Marvin Lin from UC-Irvine took home the final gold medal in Men’s Doubles over Jeechee Chen and Terrence Pang (UC-Berkley).

            After such a great and exciting tournament this year, fans and participants are already getting excited for the 2014 Collegiate Nationals. The dates and location are still to be determined.