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Draws for 2008 Junior Nationals Champions

June 26, 2008, 1:35 p.m. (ET)

The draws for the 2008 USA Badminton Junior National Championships can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the links below:

Please note that the draws and match times are subject to change.

  • U-9 Boys Singles
  • U-9 Girls Singles
  • U-9 Boys Doubles
  • U-9 Girls Doubles
  • U-9 Mixed Doubles
  • U-11 Boys Singles
  • U-11 Girls Singles
  • U-11 Boys Doubles
  • U-11 Girls Doubles
  • U-11 Mixed Doubles
  • U-13 Boys Singles
  • U-13 Girls Singles
  • U-13 Boys Doubles
  • U-13 Girls Doubles
  • U-13 Mixed Doubles
  • U-15 Boys Singles
  • U-15 Girls Singles
  • U-15 Boys Doubles
  • U-15 Girls Doubles
  • U-15 Mixed Doubles
  • U-17 Boys Singles
  • U-17 Girls Singles
  • U-17 Boys Doubles
  • U-17 Girls Doubles
  • U-17 Mixed Doubles
  • U-19 Boys Singles
  • U-19 Girls Singles
  • U-19 Boys Doubles
  • U-19 Girls Doubles
  • U-19 Mixed Doubles
  • U-22 Boys Singles
  • U-22 Girls Singles
  • U-22 Boys Doubles
  • U-22 Girls Doubles
  • U-22 Mixed Doubles

    Any questions regarding the seeding in a particular draw should be addressed to Fred Coleman (Junior Committee Chairman) at Other draw-related questions should be addressed to either Fred Coleman or Chris Lawrence at