USA Badminton

Coaches are supplemental in USA BAdminton athlete development. To become a certified coach, individuals must have the following:

  1. Current USAB Membership (this also includes a good standing with USAB)
  2. Current and passed background screening
  3. Completed SafeSport Education

All items can be completed through USAB SimplyCompete (

If these requirements are met, individuals can apply for two coaching tracks:

Every course requires candidates to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to coach at that level in order to pass and gain certification. USAB encourages our certified coaches to take the initiative to develop themselves and stay up to date with USAB requirements in order to provide a safe, effective and fun learning environment for their athletes.

USA Badminton encourages schools, colleges, and clubs to employ coaches with the appropriate level of certification.

If you are a minor seeking a coaching certification, please email for details.