Coaches are the foundation of USA Badminton athlete development pipeline. To become a certified coach, a coach must attend and complete an appropriate course through the USA Badminton Coaching Certification Program.

The USAB Coaching Certification Program has been developed with the consideration of coaches coaching in the non-competitive and particllay-competitive environments (Sport Performance Track) as well as the highly competitive setting  (High Performance Track).  Every course requires candidates to demonstrate the skills needed to coach at that level in order to pass and gain certification.

USA Badminton encourages schools, colleges, and clubs to employ coaches with the appropriate level of certification.  Certified coaches are positive individuals who constantly take the initiative to constantly develop themselves so that they stay up to date in order to provide a safe, effective and fun learning environment for their trainees.

Being a USAB certified coach not only provides you with valuable knowledge, but also helps boost the marketing value of your program and the USA Badminton coaching community. 


Click the link below to understand the certification process for each track:

Sport Performance Track Certification Process              High Performance Track Certification Process