USAB Junior Coaching Pass Regulations

USAB Tournament Regulations

USAB Junior Tournament Coaching Do's & Don'ts

USAB Junior Announcement 8.25.16

2017-2018 New Tournament Structure - Additional Information 1.23.1


2017-2018 New USAB  Junior Tournament Structure FAQ  v3.1D


2019-2020 USAB Junior Tournament Fees & Procedures 11.21.19

2017-2018 USAB Junior Ranking  System          10.3.17


Junior International Trials - Selection and Approval Procedure  02.15.19


2018 Youth Olympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures  8.26.17


American Development Model (Athlete Development Model for the US)  07.26.19



BWF Players' Code of Conduct


BWF Code of Conduct of Participants In Relation To Betting, Wagering & Irregular Match Results

BWF Table of Offences and Penalties 

BWF Anti-Doping Regulations