2019 Coaching Pass Application

Only USA Badminton Certified Coaches can apply for the Coaching Pass. In order to be a USAB Certified Coach, you must have completed a formal USAB Certified Coaching Course in the Sport Performance Track and/or High Performance Track. To know about the certification process, click this link: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Badminton/Coaching/USA-Badminton-Coach-Certification.

A Coaching Pass is required at all 2019 USAB Sanctioned Junior Ranking Tournaments and MUST be visibly carried.  
Before applying, please complete the following:

  • Be a Current USAB Member
  • Complete a Background Check through Simply Compete
  • Complete SafeSport Certification
  • Upload a head and shoulder photo

Please do NOT "Order International Coach/Team Official Accreditation" - if you do, USAB will NOT refund you

If you have any questions or concerns before applying, please contact Zuleima Martinez at zmartinez@usabadminton.org or coachingpass.usab@gmail.com immediately to check your status before you place your order.


Application Period for 2019

As of Jan 2019, there are no longer application blocks. The application process is year-round and the coaching pass will be valid from time of application to June 2019.

Application fee: $40

- Processing time for the coaching pass may take as long as 2 weeks
- Only applications that meet the published criteria will be processed

Expedited Request: $75 (5 business days prior to the event)

-Once payment is submitted, please email your receipt to coachingpass.usab@gmail.com. Failure to do so will delay issuance of the pass

Coaching Pass Payment

On time payment:

Expedited Request:

Coaching Pass Management
Self- Management Expectation
The USAB certified coaches with coaching passes are expected to maintain their active status of their coaching certification, by ensuring that they meet the following criteria:
1. Current USA Badminton membership and members in good standing,
2. Current background check
3. Current SafeSport training

4. Engage in any further criteria and requirements as announced by USAB.

Offense & Consequences  
It is the responsibility of each certified coach with a coaching pass to ensure the above requirements are met at all time.  Failure to meet any of the above requirements, may result in:
  the removal of coaching pass on the spot,
2.  being denied the privilege to coach at USAB sanctioned junior ranking tournaments for a specific period or throughout the season,
3.  pay a fine as determined by USAB,
4.  and/or non-renewal of the Coach Pass.