USAB Junior Coaching Pass Regulations

USAB Tournament Regulations

USAB Junior Tournament Coaching Do's & Don'ts

USAB Junior Announcement 8.25.16

2017-2018 New Tournament Structure - Additional Information 1.23.1


2017-2018 New USAB  Junior Tournament Structure FAQ  v3.1D


2019-2020 USAB Junior Tournament Fees & Procedures 11.21.19

2017-2018 USAB Junior Ranking  System          10.3.17


Junior International Trials - Selection and Approval Procedure  02.15.19




BWF Players' Code of Conduct


BWF Code of Conduct of Participants In Relation To Betting, Wagering & Irregular Match Results

BWF Table of Offences and Penalties 

BWF Anti-Doping Regulations