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Now is the most exciting time at USA Synchro since the Olympic Games Beijing 2008. Kickstarting 2019, the national team coaching staff changed and in entered the most decorated aquatics Olympian in Spain’s history: Andrea Fuentes. Joining Fuentes shortly following her start, Reem Abdalazem – two-time Egyptian Olympian and multiple time USA Synchro collegiate national champion at Lindenwood University – came along. Since their start, the team has transformed. The choreography is unique, the routine has elements never before seen and the entire synchro community is energized by USA Synchro’s squad dubbed the “Incredible Eight.” 

With only one Olympian on the roster, these young women will be one of, if not the, youngest team to participate at the Pan American Games Lima 2019. The average age of the team will be 17 years and 8 months, but age is not their limitation – it is their biggest asset. 

The duet will also compete in the Pan American Games and upcoming events. There is a great deal of buzz around these swimmers as well. The team is currently made up of three swimmers who are competing to be the top two selected. Leading the group is Ruby Remati, Lindi Schroeder and 2016 Rio Olympian Anita Alvarez. These athletes also compete in the team event. 

The common sports fan sees synchro as artistic and rightfully so. In international circles, it is referred to as artistic swimming. The national team trains for eight to 10 hours a day for six days a week. They are focused on flexibility, strength training, gymnastics, dance and of course, the performance in water. The dedication to perfection is as high as any athlete gives to a sport. 

This team will change everyone’s perception of what a synchronized swimmer is and, in the process, aim to qualify for the U.S. for the Olympic Games for the first since Beijing 2008. There is a lot to love with this team and USA Synchro invites spectators to join the journey.

Find more information about the Pan American Games Lima 2019 here. Find the full Artistic Swimming schedule here.


2019 USA Synchro Senior National Team