Training for Levels 1F & 1

Below are the links to complete both Level 1F (figures) and Level1 (routines) judge courses.  

After you complete the courses, you are required to attend a webinar for the 2nd part of the training. Please remember that these online courses are overviews and will be covered in-depth in the webinars. After you complete the course, you will be sent the information for the next available webinar. 

If you would like to be a Level 1 judge, you will need to complete both the Level 1F and Level 1 courses.
  • Level1F (Figures only) - Click HERE
  • Level1 (Routine only) - Click HERE

After participating in the webinar, you will be sent the tests. Upon passing the tests, your Association Officials Chair will be notified, and you will be required to do the in-person practice judging once competitions resume.

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