SportsEngine Registration System

Create an Account!

- After you create an account you will be required to verify that account in your email. Be sure to check your junk mail for this verification email. After verification, use the links below to access each registration. 

  - Club Directors: Do NOT create an account using the club name as first & last! 

The following are available for registration in the new system. Click the title or use the instructions PDF. 

- Individual Membership Purchases:

Instructions click hereFor athletes, coaches and staff to purchase their membership.

   - Life Member Waiver:

Instructions hereFor current life members only

   - Athlete Transfer Request 

Instructions here

  - Grade Level  Registration

1. Find the event on the USA Synchro Event Calendar

  2. Click on the registration link

  3. Instructions here for how to complete registration for each individual Grade Level Event

How to find your Sports Engine ID Number for Event Registration

For additional help navigating your new Sports Engine account, click here


For Club Admins Only: 

- Club Membership Purchase:

Instructions click here. For club directors only.

- Event Sanction Request:

Instructions click here. For club director only

- Certificate of Insurance Request (COI):

Instructions click here. For club director only

- Bulk Membership Purchase:

Instructions click here. For club directors only

Use this if you need to purchase two or MORE memberships for your team.

Use the following link for more SportEngine FAQ topics:

No more “family” accounts in SportEngine:

- Our old system has lumped everyone into a “family” account.

- We will transition to household and club:

o Household: individuals living under the same roof

o Club: athletes, coaches and staff who are membership of that club

Account email address:

The new system will not allow duplicate email address outside of a household. For example, a club cannot use the same email address for all its athletes, coaches and staff. Everyone must register and input their own email address and sign the waiver before membership purchase is finalized.


Future of SportsEngine
USA Synchro will begin the transfer of the following items into the new system over the course of the next three months. This will be a gradual process as we fade out of the current system into SportsEngine. As these processes become available, we will post the instructions on this page.

- CCP Training courses

- Judge Training