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USAAS Signs Partnership with Watlicam

By Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming | Jan. 19, 2023, 3:28 p.m. (ET)

USA Artistic Swimming is proud to announce a new partnership venture with Watlicam, a revolutionary waterline camera. In a sport where what is happening below the surface is perhaps more important than what is shown above, the innovative technology will help support our national team in its rigorous training to prepare for Olympic qualification as well as allow fans a glimpse into the athleticism below the waterline.   
Developed by an artistic swimming coach, the wireless camera is extremely practical for the sport of artistic swimming. This is the organization’s first partnership in the underwater camera category and the national team has already put it to use. Head coach Andrea Fuentes tested the technology first and was highly impressed with its usefulness for artistic swimming. Since receiving the equipment, the team has tested it out at the Pan Am Aquatics Duet Camp and implemented its usage in training to better correct underwater technique.   
Watlicam is a game changer for us. The technology allows our coaches and athletes to clearly see every movement they make. It makes every training session more effective and efficient. The staff at Watlicam is in this business for all the right reasons. They want the sport to improve and it is an honor for USAAS to begin this partnership with them,” Adam Andrasko, USA Artistic Swimming CEO, said.

To learn more about the product or to order a camera of your own, visit Watlicam's website HERE.