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19th FINA World Championship Preview

By Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming | June 14, 2022, 1:27 p.m. (ET)

This week the senior national team will compete at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Nine routines will compete across the categories with 13 athletes representing USA.

For many artistic swimming teams at this competition, this will be the first international appearance for their country this season. Team USA has the advantage of several competitions under its belt including two virtual World Series stops, one in-person World Series and the Super Final. At all of these competitions, athletes and coaches have gathered feedback from the judges on what they can do to maximize their score at this year’s World Championships. Each event at the World Championship will consist of a preliminary and a final competition. The action kicks off on June 17th and concludes on June 25thLed by Andrea Fuentes, Anna Voloshyna and Lara Texieira, who own 14 combined
 World Championship appearances including many medals, the squad is well-prepared for the obstacles in front of them.

As mentioned previously, three athletes are returners to the World Championship event and all three competed in Budapest in 2017. Two-time Olympian, Anita Alvarez and collegiate All-Americans, Natalia Vega and Elizabeth Davidson will provide veteran experience and competitive maturity to the team.
To view the 2022 World Championship Media Guide with athlete information, detailed background and historical finishes visit the link HERE. Draws and results will be shared on our social media, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Broadcast information can be found HERE.

Category Previews

In the solo field, Anita Alvarez will represent USA in both technical and free. She competed for the first time this season in Greece. Having just ditched her post-surgery crutches a week prior, she displayed two solid routines and finishes to match. She will compete her George Floyd-inspired technical routine and jungle-themed free routine in Budapest as well. Alvarez will compete in four total events at World Championships. The return of Alvarez to national team is especially advantageous in all categories. Where USA has typically skewed younger in age, at 25 Alvarez is now one of the more seasoned athletes in the solo fields.
For duet, Natalia Vega and Megumi Field will continue to build on the momentum from the season in their electronic free routine. The pair narrowly missed a medal in the Super Final with scoring results displaying they needed to increase their difficulty even more. They have made adjustments to maximize their potential. For the first time this season, Alvarez and Field will pair in the technical duet, performing the same routine Dani Ramirez and Field debuted in Greece honoring people of Ukraine and the human rights violations they are enduring. There are 34 entered routines in technical duet and 35 in free.

Kenny Gaudet and Claudia Coletti will represent USA in both mixed duet categories. This will be the pair’s fourth time competing their free duet and second time performing their technical routine. The young pair will face tight competition in a field of decorated athletes and seasoned pairs. Gaudet and Coletti will look to build upon the legacy that Bill May and partners Christina Jones, Kristina Lum Underwood, Kanako Spendlove and Natalia Vega started. The mixed duet will face double-digit competition for the first time this season.
In technical team, the USA squad will showcase their Michael Jackson technical routine for the fourth time this season. This roster remains consistent from the Super Final. In highlight, the team has adapted the routine as males are not currently allowed to compete in team categories at World Championships. Without Gaudet, the routine and the roster will look slightly different, but still display the mannerisms of our ancestors for a now cavewoman-themed routine.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated event of the week will be the free routine. This will be the international debut of the new choreography by Andrea Fuentes. Fuentes set the bar very high with her previous free program, the Robot routine, gaining worldwide fandom for its ingenuity. The theme of this year’s routine is, ‘I am Water’. The musical medley describes just how precious our greatest resource is and warns of the dangers of taking it for granted. The piece is incredibly artistic and moving, fans should look forward to seeing the team of eight deliver a powerful message.

In technical team, 19 countries will be competing, 21 in free and 15 in highlight. This level of participation illustrates exceptional growth for the sport globally.

The battle for team will be especially important between USA, Canada and Mexico; as this competition is an important stop on the way to 2023 Pan American Games where the continental qualification for artistic swimming will be decided. USA has already jumped ahead of Canada at several competitions and will look to prove the same dominance against Mexico, who will be competing for the first time this season.
FREE DUET: Megumi Field, Natalia Vega
TECHNICAL DUET: Megumi Field, Anita Alvarez
TECHNICAL AND FREE MIXED DUET: Kenny Gaudet, Claudia Coletti
TECHNICAL TEAM: Yujin Chang, Dani Ramirez, Jaime Czarkowksi, Natalia Vega, Elizabeth Davidson, Ivy Davis, Keana Hunter, Megumi Field
FREE TEAM: Anita Alvarez, Dani Ramirez, Jaime Czarkowksi, Natalia Vega, Elizabeth Davidson, Ivy Davis, Keana Hunter, Megumi Field
HIGHLIGHT: Yujin Chang, Dani Ramirez, Jaime Czarkowksi, Elisa Brunel, Natalia Vega, Claudia Coletti, Elizabeth Davidson, Ivy Davis, Keana Hunter, Emily Ding