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Seeking Qualified 13-15 Coach Candidates

Jan. 24, 2022, 12:37 p.m. (ET)

USA Artistic Swimming is seeking qualified candidates for two coaching positions with the 13-15 national team: Head Coach and Assistant Coach. Both positions are contract positions with an eight-week commitment in the summer. This year's coaches will have the exciting privilege of leading the squad to the 2022 FINA Youth World Championships to be hosted domestically in Charlotte, N.C. 

The position will be responsible for the growth of the country’s highest level 13-15 athletes in all areas of the sport. While physical development and skill enhancement are vital parts of this program, the position will be responsible for making each athlete a better teammate and well-rounded artistic swimmer. This position will work with the senior national team coaches in the development of the coaching plan and team strategy. The selected applicant will ultimately implement the plan and use his or her skillset to make a positive impact on these athletes. This person will set an eight-week schedule and adjust according to the needs of the training camp.

The location for the training camp has not yet been decided and the head coach will have the opportunity to work with the High Performance Manager to secure a location. 

To apply for these positions or for more information on the desired qualifications and job duties, please visit the page HERE