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You Can Be Trained By a USA Artistic Swimming National Team Athlete

By USA Artistic Swimming | Oct. 01, 2020, 4:44 p.m. (ET)

Colorado Springs, CO – Virtual training has become part of our everyday lives. Teams are training in land and in water virtually every day. USA Artistic Swimming is excited to be the first sport in the United States to launch with SLOCOACH. SLOCOACH uses revolutionary, user-friendly tech to deliver tailored feedback from the most recognizable faces in Artistic Swimming, including (insert), so aspiring athletes and beginners alike can receive invaluable advice on how they can thrive and become their best.

Imagine sending your video to 2016 Olympian Anita Alvarez and her teaching you how to get better. You no longer need to imagine CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT WORKS. Perhaps you are an athlete from Florida who has always looked up to Dani Ramirez or Paige Areizaga  Maybe you have closely followed the career of Hannah Heffernan. Slocoach give you the opportunity to connect and learn from them like no other program has done before. If you have been captivated by the choreography, skills and technique of National Team’s robot routine you can learn what it takes to make that magic happen. Book a Session Today.

As SLOCOACH Founder, Luke Jecks mentions, “with over 16,000 community sports clubs at risk of closure and us all taking our lives online in months, sports fans are on the lookout for COVID-safe, alternative ways to access top-quality coaching so their sporting performance doesn’t suffer – which is where SLOCOACH comes in to play. Our mission is to help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities not to just ‘stick at it’ but thrive at doing the things they love. With access to word-class coaches and completely personalized sessions, SLOCOACH offers an experience completely unique to you and has a coach on hand to help, whatever your goals may be.”

Artistic Swimming coaches, you are invited to learn from the athletes and coaches too. Book a training with an athlete or book a coach session with our national team staff. This is not a Zoom training session. It is so much more. SLOCOACH provides the tools to properly train an athlete in a virtual environment.


“This is very exciting program that has arrived at the perfect time for our National Team athletes and our membership. SLOCOACH allows our National Team athletes to be their own entrepreneur in the field they know best. It also allows all artistic swimmers the opportunity to connect with our National Team athletes in a way that has never been done before. Virtual training won’t replace in person training and that is not the goal of SLOCOACH. The goal is to enhance training methods. I know that the artistic swimmers that take advantage of this opportunity will be very happy with the experience they have.”  said, USA Artistic Swimming CEO, Adam Andrasko



SLOCOACH is a digital start-up platform founded by Luke Jecks, Luke Holmes and Derek Hardy, revolutionizing the world of online coaching – including sports coaching in Australia and the arts sector in the UK. Using new, cutting-edge technology, SLOCOACH connects recruits to world class coaches via one-on-one video coaching ‘sessions’, providing them with personalized feedback on their technique and performance.