A letter from USA Artistic Swimming and USA Artistic Swimming Foundation amid COVID-19 global crisis

March 25, 2020, 8:06 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Artistic Swimming Supporters,


On behalf of USA Artistic Swimming and the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation, we are reaching out to our friends and supporters and hoping you are safe, staying healthy and meeting the challenges you are facing.


One of the most deeply embedded aspects of artistic swimming is its critical reliance on the POWER OF TEAM. In the face of the COVID-19 global crisis, as community members, Americans, and global citizens we are committed to staying strong together and for each other.


Together, the Foundation and USAAS are committed to supporting our team members, staff, fans, friends and everyone in our sport during this time. We stay focused on our mission to support artistic swimming at every level, from local clubs, coaches and athletes to junior, collegiate, national and masters teams. While it is indeed a challenging time, USAAS and the Foundation are working together to ensure that we can continue to support the sport now and into the future. Thanks to those of you who have supported us financially in the past and on an on-going basis, we are prepared for the months ahead. And, we deeply appreciate your support.



It is more important now than ever that we all work together to find solutions; be creative and share ideas; and be supportive of each other.


Our priority right now is TO STAY CONNECTED to our extended family of fans and supporters until we come out of this crisis together and are able once again to look to the bright future of artistic swimming in the U.S.


During this time, which can seem overwhelming in every way, we wanted to share the USA Artistic Swimming manifesto with you – the creed that our team holds every day. We believe that the principles of family, teamwork and sacrifice for the greater purpose are essential for all of us, right now. And most importantly, we share with you the hope and belief that we will, together, emerge from this crisis with power and grace.


From our family to yours, during these unprecedented circumstances, we send our gratitude and support to you. Remember -- be creative, find solutions, and always support one another.






Adam Andrasko                                                 Karen Rosolowski
Chief Executive Officer                                      President
USA Artistic Swimming                                      USA Artistic Swimming Foundation







I am part of a family. I am an Artistic Swimmer.


When you look at us, what you see is an artform and a sport unlike anything else.


You see us pushing limits in the pursuit of excellence.


You see incredible attention to detail and impossible levels of precision.


You see the very definition of teamwork; individuals dedicated to achieving their personal best and sacrificing for the greater purpose.


You see what dedicated artists, who are also elite athletes, can achieve.


What you won’t see are the hours of preparation, challenging our bodies and exceeding our limits, sacrificing for our sport and emerging from it with power and unmatched grace.


Ours is a sport that was born in the USA! And we are committed to representing our sport at the highest level in the world. Come see artistic swimming and you will see what a small group of dedicated individuals can accomplish when each is willing to fully commit themselves to each other and to absolute perfection.