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Andrea Nott Blog - One More Day in Korea

Aug. 13, 2008, 1:27 p.m. (ET)

Only one more day of unlimited pool time and then we will be forced into tapering! Korea has been a really great place for us to continue working on our consistency, but now it's time to get things right the first time out of the bag; just be consistent.

We go back to Beijing tomorrow, and we can't wait to get back to the Olympic village, right into the heart of things. We are dying to go see an event live. We'll hopefully be watching some of the swimming finals from the athletes' stands on the 15th. We have been following results on every chance we get and watching live events on Korean tv in our downtime. We are going nuts for the Phelps medal count over here too!

Last night Gail Emery, another of our coaches, arrived in Korea. Everyone is glad to have her around because she has had a lot experience coaching Olympic Teams and she has a lot of Olympic enthusiasm. So, today since we have our whole entourage together now, we practiced "showtime!" We put on the competition suits, did hair and makeup, and then went through the warm-up step by step. We even talked about what the coaches are planning on saying to us in the ready room as their last pieces of advice before we walk out on deck. Everyone got nervous too like it was the real deal, which was the point.

I am feeling well-prepared. And I think we'll feel even better with a few more practices in the Water Cube.


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