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Andrea Nott Blog - The Send Offs/Last Blog from The USA!

Aug. 04, 2008, 1:39 p.m. (ET)

I am getting on my plane to China in only a few hours, which seems like such a microscopic amount of time now, compared to how long I've been looking forward to it! Yesterday and the day before I talked to or received letters from a bunch of family and friends who all either wished me luck, or told me they didn't believe in luck but knew we had prepared so well we didn't need it. I went to church with my Granny yesterday too and visited her Seniors Group too, because she wanted to "show me off." It was like visiting a room full of sweet grandparents. They all promised to pray for my team and I through the Games. I really feel so much American support, and I want to make them proud.

A few of the girls on the team re-wrote the words to John Denver's song, Leaving On A Jet plane, to become a "leaving for the Olympics" song, and sang it and played their guitars for us at our BBQ on Saturday. It was so cool! I don't know how they found the time to do that! 

We also had our last swim-throughs at practice (doing the routine from beginning to end) in the U.S. and it felt amazing. After everything we did we were yelling things like, "Last time we wear this much sunscreen!" or "Last warm-up in the U.S.!" And then we'd all get sad and happy over it at the same time. 

Well, I know we are ready and will only get better with the practice time we have when we get there. We can just be really picky about the details because we've done so much already. 

I'm totally packed up finally, even though that was a challenge. I was just so afraid of forgetting something! I was imagining myself wearing a red shirt on the day that we're supposed to wear the blue shirt or something equally embarrassing. But I checked the packing list probably a thousand times, and our manager has some of the most important stuff with her, like competition suits, so I think I'm ok.

I am going to go put on my Olympic traveling outfitting now! I can't wait!!!!


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