2018 USAS Convention

September 23 - September 30, 2018

Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville, FL - Floor Plan and other hotel information

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*Important Hotel Information: The Hyatt Regency Hotel is requiring a non-refundable one night deposit.*

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USSSF Motion re: Timing of Trustee Election & Start of Terms
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USSSF Motion re: Amendments to USSSF Code
2018 Code of Regulations amended and restated as of July 2018
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Board of Directors Positions for Election in 2018:

President   VP Education & Certification   VP Olympic International
Linda Loehndorf is running for a second
2-year term; her application can be found here.
  Krista Bessinger is running for a second
2-year term and her bio  can be found here.
   Ginny Jasontek is running for a second
2-year term; her application can be found here.

Please note that 25 At-Large delegates to the Board of Governors will be elected this year. Members must be consenting but need not be present if the Nominating Committee has been notified prior to the meeting.

The Board of Governors will also elect Trustees for the USSS Foundation:

Candidate:  Emily Kokernak

Candidate:  Grasy M. Noriega

Beth Borland and Jeanne Struck are running for subsequent terms as U.S. Synchronized Swimming Foundation Trustees.


Would you like to make a difference by serving on one of USA Synchro's Committees?  Please indicate your interest here and THANK YOU in advance!