2022 USA Artistic Swimming Convention

St. Petersburg, Florida

Sept. 08 - 11, 2022

FINA Rules Townhall Meeting Recording: HERE Passcode: nV!4i3@H

West Zone
North Zone
South Zone
East Zone


Membership Report (Appendix C Recommendations)
VP of Competitive Operations Report
Nominating Committee Report
HPM National Team Report | Appendix E Proposals
VP of Member Development Report
VP Olympic International Report
PanAm Aquatics Report
Coaches Board Report | Appendix W Proposal
International Relations Report | Appendix F Proposals | Appendix N Proposals | Summary of Decisions
Foundation Report
VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report


Governance CODE Proposals - amended 8-9-2022 | 
Governance FINAL Code Proposals - amended 9-8-2022
Governance APPENDIX Proposals - amended 8-9-2022 | Governance FINAL Appendix Proposals - amended 9-8-2022
Governance Part 2 (July 25th) Power Point Link
Preliminary Rules Packet | Rules Packet V2 | Rules Packet V3 | Post-Convention FINAL Rules Packet
Appendix G
2021 Board of Governors Minutes
BOG/BOD Agenda

Governance Round 1: Thursday, July 14 at 8:00 - 9:30 PM ET - ZOOM LINK
Governance Round 2: Monday, July 25 at 8:00-9:30 PM ET - ZOOM LINK
Rules Round 1: Monday, August 1 at 8:00-9:30 PM ET - ZOOM LINK
Rules Round 2: Thursday, August 4 at 8:00-9:30 PM ET - ZOOM LINK 


Amanda Olson

April Stallworth

Becky Meitin

Beth Borland

Chris Carver

Christine McMaster-Shah

Dana Bradley

Elizabeth Knowles

Gail Emery

Ilene McKaig

Jeanne Struck

Karen Norris

Karen Rosolowski

Katie Bostaph

Laura Ehrenreich

Linda Thomson

Meredith Simpson

Olivia "Xinya" Zhang

Rachel Rosolowski

Rebecca Phillips

Sandra Mahoney

Sarah Pikal

Scotti Nichols

Sue Nesbitt

Traci Lunsford


Draft timeline for proposal and candidate consideration:

March – May 1 Board of Directors will be discussing possible changes that impact the code
and forward recommendations to the Governance Committee

June 10 Finalized proposals to be forwarded for any changes to Governance, Rules or 
other committees (90 days prior to convention)

June/July Committees to meet and discussions to take place with membership.
Depending on when proposals are finalized, a virtual town hall and/or discussion at U.S. Junior Olympic Championship may be scheduled.

August 3 FINA Proposals for Oct. 3 Technical Congress are made available

August 10
USAAS proposals to be posted on USAAS website with recommendations from
committees for Board of Governors consideration; Candidate nominations to be 
posted (30 days prior to the convention)

September 8 Convention begins

October 3 FINA Technical Artistic Swimming Congress (virtual)

Virtual town hall to discuss any changes to proposals from FINA

October/November Board of Directors meets to finalize any proposals with changes from
FINA Technical Congress

Rulebook editing takes place; Tech Talk may be distributed in two editions—
one immediately following convention and one with updates from the technical 

January 1, 2023 New USAAS rules and FINA rules go into effect. USAAS Rulebook revisions posted in January (tentatively based on number of changes)