2020 USAAS Virtual Convention

Aug. 31 - Sept. 30, 2020

Schedule (August 2020)| USAAS Registration | Committee Reports


As most of us have heard, the 2020 USAS Convention scheduled to take place in September of this year has been canceled. We at USA Artistic Swimming fully support USAS decision to cancel this event given the current state of our nation, and we have been evaluating other ways to host convention this year.


We have decided to host virtually using the capabilities of Zoom.  Convention usually takes place over the course of 4-5 days, but this year convention will be over the course of a month. Each scheduled day of convention will be broken out into a one-week period, and committee heads will have that week to schedule their meeting. See the attached tentative schedule for what week each meeting will take place.


We understand the difficulties this type of convention can have with four different time zones and many people working or returning to work.  The goal is to make each meeting as time sensitive as we can to allow for as many to join possible and have no meetings overlap.  I will work with each committee chair to get meetings scheduled and announce those times in the coming months. The final schedule for convention will be posted in August.


We look forward to virtually “seeing” everyone in September! If you have any questions, please reach to Baylee at baylee@usaartisticswim.org.