How to Start a Collegiate Synchro Club

1.  Contact collegiate representatives so that they may assist you with any questions.

a.  Collegiate Chair: Megan Ogami Azebu –
b.  Collegiate Development: Elizabeth Gerdin –
c.  Technical Chair: Holly Vargo-Brown –
i.     The collegiate representatives will help find an existing club representative near you to help mentor your program.


2.  Contact your school’s sports club representatives.

a.  Find out how many interested students you need and what the organization requires to consider synchro for a club sport.
b.  Be prepared to have a short presentation ready. A power point presentation will already be prepared by the collegiate development chair. You may need to input a few specifics for your school.
i.     Follow the next steps below to help input information for your short presentation.


3.  Next steps

a.  Contact the school’s aquatics staff and know the pool’s availability.
b.  Recruit your team.
i.      Create a poster or other recruitment materials that can be used. The collegiate representatives will supply you with digital copies of videos (coming soon) and power point presentations. It is a great idea to have flyers that can be sent out and posted in admissions offices and the club sports office.
ii.     Host interest meetings and post information around campus. The sports club organization should normally host an informational meeting or club fair at the beginning of the year.
iii.    Take both experienced and non-experienced swimmers. You can have a competitive team and a show/recreation team. It would be great to get extra members by promoting FUN exercise!
c.  Contact local synchro clubs for possible coaches or volunteers. It may also be helpful to borrow sound equipment if needed.


4.  You are officially a sports club!

a.  Inform the collegiate representative of your success and start organizing! The information below includes some ideas on how to have a successful first year.

USA Synchro

  • Register your club with USA Synchro.
  • Register your individual swimmers with USA Synchro.
  • Fill out all proper paperwork to compete.
  • Coordinate your schedule with other teams to compete.
  • Get to know the rules for USA Synchro and NCAA.

Remember to abide by NCAA guidelines. Log on to to review NCAA guidelines or contact collegiate representatives for assistance.



  • Schedule practice times. This is always a challenge. Being the new kid on the block might come with unfavorable times. In time, your practice time slots at the pool should improve.
  • Strive for better practice times. Be pleasant and cooperative.
  • Request additional time and facilities for the gym, weight room and dance studio for land drill and stretching.
  • Get to know the aquatics director and lifeguards, they could be great allies.
  • Be creative.



Your funding may be limited in your first year. Here are some ideas to raise some funds on your own.

  • Check to see how financial contributions can be made to your club on campus.
  • Fundraising nights at frozen yogurt shops, pizza places, and more!
  • Research your opportunities on campus. Do a show for an alumni weekend or booster club (think Aqualillies J).  Promote what you can do to make a party great!
  • Host clinics and camps for girl scouts or other groups.
  • Apply for grants:
    • Through your school
    • USA Synchro
    • Women's Sports Foundation - Local agencies, clubs, associations, etc.
  • Search for online applications.
  • Develop a sponsorship level program and booster club.
  • Contact local clubs and associations.
  • Contact alumni.
  • Begin a direct mail fundraising campaign. 
  • Contact your institution's grant office for assistance.

Other Synchro Specific Ideas on Fundraising

  • Organize a Synchrothon.
  • Host meets.
  • Have a synchro show – include a raffle or silent auction.
  • Let local area resorts and convention hotels know your swimmers are available to host a show and participate in parties or fashion shows.
  • Obtain the USA Synchro Club Marketing Kit.


Continue to build your relationship with the Athletic Director, Admissions Department personnel, Registrar, International Relations and Financial Planning. Maintain a contact sheet with phone numbers and email addresses.

Publicize the results and news about the team throughout campus.

Contact the Sports Information or Public Relations Department for assistance on news releases or general media coverage.

Send in your news to USA Synchro. Remember, anything can be news.

  • New Club/Team
  • Synchro Members
  • First Competition
  • Fundraiser
  • First Win
  • Continue to build support on and off campus
  • Be sure to keep others involved