Letter from a Perspective Collegiate Athlete:

Hi USA Synchro,

I attended U.S. Collegiate Nationals at the University of Arizona last week. My Mom and I felt that this would be a good opportunity to look at the synchro colleges and universities. I wanted to give you some of my observations from the competition; maybe it will be able to help others who might be in my same position.

I am currently from L.A. but I swam synchro in Florida. It was great to reconnect with old coaches, former teammates, and swimmers that I had met in my association in Florida and at camps that I have attended that I hadn't seen in years. We were able to talk to swimmers and parents about their school and why they made the decision to go there.

Everyone was so enthusiastic about their program. It was great to be able to ask questions about everything from student life to how often the team practices. I'm now so excited to continue swimming in college because I know that all of the girls are so dedicated to the sport and really swim because they love synchro so much.

Also, it was interesting to see that there were so many different levels of competitive synchro -- from the established varsity programs to new club teams. It's great to know that I'll be able to continue synchro even when I go off to college. I know that leaving home is a huge transition for most students; however, synchro will provide me with an immediate group of friends who will be able to help ease the difficulties of the big transition.

It was so good to be able to see so many of the teams at one time; to not only see them swim, but also to get to talk to them about their program! I still don't know exactly what I want to do in college or beyond, but by attending this meet, one thing that I do know that I want to do is swim in college. Synchro has always played such a huge role in my life and I know that it will continue to be part of my life beyond age group competition.

Synchronized swimming provides valuable life lessons that cannot be found in any book. I'm so glad that there is a program that I will be able to continue in after I graduate from high school.


Megan Kinney

Letter from a Collegiate Athlete:

Hello to the Synchro World!!

I know that many of you high school seniors who are about to graduate and go on to college are probably looking forward to beginning new lives in a new environment with new people. I know that’s how I felt my senior year of high school! But I encourage all of you to keep one thing the same in your lives when you go away to school – and that’s synchro.

Oftentimes by the end of high school, synchronized swimmers get burned out. But my synchro experiences here at this institution have been some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences I’ve had during my years in this sport. Granted, my experience is a little different than most (I went from being able to only do solos and duets for four years to being part of a 16 man team), but collegiate synchro is different no matter where you come from. As a junior or age group swimmer, you’re used to going to meets where your team, coaches, and maybe some family and friends are there to cheer you on.

But having an entire student body behind you is a different story. I’ll never forget my first collegiate meet when the pool was crowded beyond capacity with fans that were so loud we couldn’t hear our music until we went underwater! I think even more exciting for me than that, though, has been the amazing group of people I’ve met and had the privilege of swimming with. My three best friends since I’ve come to school are my fellow sophomore teammates – we swim, go to school, and even live together. Already, after only one and a half years here, we’ve created some incredible memories together.

I know that not everyone’s college experience will be the same as mine; I’ve been really lucky, but I do know that if it weren’t for synchro I wouldn’t be as happy as I am and I wouldn’t want any of you to miss similar opportunities and any of the synchro schools around the country. So to all you seniors out there: enjoy your final year of high school, good luck with your college search and keep swimming!

Katie Scanlon
College Synchro
Class of 2006

Letter from a Synchro Parent

Dear United States Synchronized Swimming,

We just returned from the Collegiate Nationals in Tucson. It was an incredible experience for swimmers that have an interest in continuing synchro in college!

Our daughter Megan (a junior in high school who has swam synchro for 10 years) has started her college search. She hasn't decided on a major, but knows that she wants to continue to swim synchro in college. We had planned to take her to this meet several months ago as part of her college tour process. From a parent's perspective, if you can only take your swimmer to one school, it should be to this meet, where ever the location.

We saw 24 teams all at different skill levels but all with the same amount of synchro/school spirit, enthusiasm and pride. It was great to talk to parents and swimmers from the different schools and learn more about their programs.

Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting and growing the collegiate program. As we all know, only a few girls will go on to make national teams and for the majority, the good news is ... there's a future for swimmers after their club/age group experience.


Terea Kinney