Host a Tournament

Hosting a USA Archery tournament is a great opportunity to help archers in your community grow and gain competition experience. Archery competitions help archers build lifelong friendships, track their progress and growth, and reach whatever goals they may have within the sport.

Competitions that are held outside of general club activity must be sanctioned by USA Archery. "Outside of general club activity" is defined as a club holding competitions within the United States with open registration, where individuals are allowed to participate who are not current members of the host club. For purposes of the USA Archery Event Sanction Form, these competitions are referred to as "Events."

Who can sanction an event?

Any current USA Archery State Association or Club may sanction an event for a nominal fee of $20. For an additional fee of $50, the event may in addition, be sanctioned as a World Archery STAR Event. Sanctioned events must adhere to World Archery rules, and a USA Archery judge must be present.

The benefits of an event sanction include:

  • USA Archery will promote current USA Archery State Association and Club events in the USA Archery online calendar of events.
  • All participants will be protected with liability insurance
  • An event sanction designates a qualifying tournament; scores achieved at state events will be used to determine state records and state rankings and may also be used to qualify athletes for national events and programs.
  • World Archery STAR event sanctioning allows archers to set world records at your event and apply for World Archery Star Awards

Membership Requirements for Sanctioned Events

It is recommended that all tournament organizers require participants to bring a copy of their USA Archery membership card to each event to verify correct membership and ensure the event will have liability insurance coverage. 

Online Event Sanction Application Instructions

Step 1: Click on the link on the right to submit a Sanction Application.

Step 2: Sign in with your USA Archery club administrator Username and Password. 

Step 3: Complete the Sanctioning Application and Submit Payment.  

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email that your event was successfully submitted.

Step 5: USA Archery will notify you in the event any additional information is needed.  Upon making any necessary edits and re-submitting the Sanction, USA Archery will notify you that the tournament in approved. 

If you prefer to download and complete an Event Sanction form, please submit completed forms to