Collegiate Membership

There are two types of Membership within USA Archery’s Collegiate Archery Program: Individual and Program Membership.

If there are three or more individuals competing in USA Archery events in the current academic year, those archers will be required to form a Collegiate Archery Program with USA Archery. Exceptions to this rule are allowed in instances where the school does not allow an individual to represent the school in competition, or if the school does not allow a program to be formed.

If there are fewer than three individuals competing from the same school, they are allowed to compete as individuals and should apply for Individual Collegiate Eligibility.

Click the links below to apply and learn more about Individual and Collegiate Archery Program membership.

Program Membership

Collegiate Archery Program Membership: $90 (Annual)

The benefits of starting a Collegiate Archery Program include: 

Planning for Your Team

Work with University Officials

Be sure to get proper clearance from the university before registering with USA Archery.  College/university officials will advise if the club should be run through the college/university’s campus recreation department, athletic department, student affairs or other.

Register Your Team with USA Archery

USA Archery Collegiate Archery Programs are required to:

  1. Have at least one current USA Archery Level 2, or higher, certified instructor or coach affiliated with the Club
  2. Have three, or more, archers affiliated with the Club that are members of USA Archery 
  3. To register as a Club with USA Archery, pay the $90 annual membership fee, and agree to the Club Terms and Conditions 

For more information on how to operate a USA Archery Club please review the USA Archery Club Handbook.

Coaches and Volunteers

  • A Range Pass is an additional set of requirements (Background Screening, SafeSport Training, USA Archery Membership) for any employee, volunteer, instructor, coach, judge, administrator, athlete or member who is formally authorized or appointed to a position of authority over, or will have frequent contact with athletes within a USA Archery event or club activity. The responsibility of monitoring this policy within Club events and activities lies with the Club.

Team Members

  • Team participants will need to purchase at minimum, a Recreational Membership after they attend a maximum of three USA Archery team activities OR when a participant becomes an official member of the team.
  • During the time when the participant is shooting on the team as a non-member, the team is required to have the participant sign a Release of Liability Form in order to participate.

A Club activity is defined as any activity within a 24-hour period that is planned and hosted by the member Club for members or direct membership recruitment.Any individual participating beyond these guidelines, or if the event is not planned and organized for members only, will not be covered under the individual member or Club member insurance program.

Register Your Program

Individual Membership

Individual membership to USA Archery is required to participate within a Collegiate Archery Program and/or compete within the collegiate division of a USA Archery sanctioned event.

New participants are required to obtain a USA Archery Membership:

  • After they attend a maximum of three USA Archery Collegiate Club activities (defined as any activity within a 24-hour period that is planned and hosted by the member club for members or direct membership recruitment), OR
  • When a participant becomes an official member of that Club.

Prior to individuals becoming USA Archery members, the Club needs to obtain a Release of Liability Form from each participant. These forms should be retained by the Club for access by USA Archery as needed or requested. 

Individual Membership Type(s)

1.Recreational Membership - $15.00 (Annual) – Non-Competitive

2.Collegiate Membership - $40.00 (Annual) - Competitive

  • Current College Student ID Required
  • This membership is valid for participation in all USA Archery Sanctioned Events.

3. Other Membership Options- All other USA Archery memberships (with the exception of Recreational membership) will also be valid for participation in USA Archery Sanctioned Events Including: Adult, 3 – Year Adult, Youth, Youth (NFAA Members Only), Family, 3- Year Family, Lifetime and Temporary (valid for local and state events, not valid for regional and national events).

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