Become A Judge

Obtaining a judge certification allows you to further understand the rules of archery, and to work at USA Archery sanctioned events as a judge. You can also earn National, Continental and International judge certification to work at larger scale events and travel the world.

Judge Certification Renewal

Renewing your Archery Judge Certification is quick and easy!

Judge Locator

Find a USA Archery Judge for your upcoming tournament.

Judge Resources

From Continued Education Courses to online resources, the USA Archery Judge Resources are available to help further your journey.


This SafeSport online training program teaches you about the nature of misconduct in sport: how to recognize it, how to prevent it and how to take action.

Background Screening

USA Archery has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our programs - for the youth participants and also for you, who make the programs a success. To this end, USA Archery has a quick and easy Background Screening process.