When you AIM HIGHER you aim at goals that are above you. Being able to achieve these goals takes a combination of talent, skill, and dedication. USA Archery offers programs, events, and support designed to prepare you to AIM HIGHER and achieve YOUR goals.

Youth and Archery

Archery helps your child focus on self-improvement; children who practice archery can develop more confidence and self-esteem. Nothing feels better than watching hard work pay off when your arrows fly into the gold.  

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Adults and Archery

The skills a person learns from practicing archery extend well past the range.  Practicing archery increases concentration, patience and focus.  Many corporate executives find what they learn behind a bow translates to a well-balanced, goal-oriented individual that finds success easier to achieve.

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Students and Archery

Many colleges offer student benefits, such as in-state tuition, if you become a member of their archery program. From private Ivy League institutions like Columbia University to Christian schools like Emmanuel College, there's bound to be a school with a Collegiate Archery Program club within reach.  

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Archery is for Everyone

Archery is a sport accessible to just about everyone with a disability, including the visually impaired. While it is not only fun to challenge yourself to hit the target, it’s also physically beneficial, increasing body strength, focus, flexibility, and self-confidence and archery is an incredibly adaptable sport. 

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Your Body and Archery

Archery is a dynamic sport that requires a group of strong core muscles. Practicing archery builds muscle in people of all ages and abilities.  If you are looking to increase upper-body strength, and tone your body overall, archery is the sport for you. 

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Women and Archery

If you are looking to improve your concentration, boost your confidence, and tone your body, archery is the sport for you!  Female archers have found that archery builds a strong self-image and introduced them to a strong community of passionate athletes. All of these benefits spill over to areas of your life enabling you to do better in school, the workplace and generally in your life. 

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Coaching and Archery

Our coaches provide direct support and guidance to our athletes, leading them towards success both on and off the field. We believe coaches can play an important and powerful role in a young person’s life and USA Archery has a National Coach Education Program to help you become the best coach you can be. 

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Champions in Archery

The goals you set for yourself are limitless.  From recreational shooting to the desire to be a state champion or world-class archer, it’s up to you to decide.  USA Archery is there for you with the programs, coaches, events and support you need to rise as high as you aim!

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