Setting up a club is simple. There are a few initial items to consider, and then five easy steps to becoming an official USA Archery club. Everything you need to know is on this page: 

Planning for Your Club

  • Organize your group. The organizing group should start by determining what age range and ability levels are appropriate for their specific club. Generally most JOAD clubs range in age 8 to 20 years of age; Adult Archery Program clubs usually focus on working with archers 20 years of age and older. 
  • Identify needs, and meet with your group. Topics to discuss would include class schedule, location and fees. Space, equipment and the number of instructors will most likely determine how many archers can be accommodated in your program.
  • Choose a name. Clubs are often named for the range where they meet, a nearby community based attraction, a name of a town or county, or an archery event. To avoid name duplications, you can verify your name with the club locator. Please note, some clubs may opt out of having their information posted on Club Locator.  Please contact USA Archery at if you have any questions about the name of your club.
  • Read the JOAD Handbook: Read the Club Handbook: Download the Club Handbook (file size: approx. 41 MB)
  • Help your club thrive: come up with a logo for your club, and once you've gotten underway, shirts for your archers. Think about fundraising, social events and other fun things that go along with supporting a growing archery club! 

Club Membership

Five quick steps to becoming a USA Archery Club:

  1. Select a Level 2, or higher, USA Archery certified instructor/coach to be the head coach of the club
  2. Select a person to become the club administrator. This person’s responsibilities include logging into membership services system on behalf of club, purchasing achievement program awards, submitting online sanctioning applications, and will be listed as main club contact on USA Archery’s club locator
  3. Have three or more archers enrolled in the club
  4. Register your club here - you'll be able to join online, or print and send us a paper application form
  5. Sign the Club Terms and Conditions form

Coaches and Volunteers

A Range Pass is required for any club employee, volunteer, coach, judge or member who has routine access to minors within a USA Archery or Club event or activity. The responsibility of monitoring this policy within club events and activities lies with the Club.

A Range Pass is an additional set of requirements (Background Screening, SafeSport Training, USA Archery Membership) for any club employee, volunteer, coach, judge or member who has routine access to minors within a USA Archery or Club event or activity. 

  • Please note USA Archery Level 1 instructors that will have routine access to minors within a USA Archery or Club event or activity are required to obtain a Range Pass.
  • Level 2 and higher instructors and coaches do not need to apply for a Range Pass, however if these instructors or coaches are members of the NFAA or ASA, they will need to obtain a USA Archery membership if they are coaching in a USA Archery club

Apply for a Range Pass online or by completing a Range Pass Request form and return to USA Archery

Club Members

Club members (archers in the club) will need to purchase a Recreational Membership after they attend a maximum of three USA Archery club activities OR when a participant becomes an official member of a USA Archery JOAD or Adult Club

During the time when the participant is shooting in the club as a non-member, the club is required to have the participant sign a Release of Liability Form in order to participate.

A club activity is defined as any activity within a 24-hour period that is planned and hosted by the member club for members or direct membership recruitment. Any individual participating beyond these guidelines, or if the event is not planned and organized for members only, will not be covered under the individual member or club member insurance program.