Resident Athlete Program

The Resident Athlete Program is located at the Easton Archery Center of Excellence in Chula Vista, California and provides athletes the opportunity to dedicate themselves and train full-time for the Olympic Games. The Resident Athletes (RAs) train together in a team environment under the guidance of the USA Archery National Head Coaching staff. The RA Program provides accommodation and meals, sports therapy, sports psychology, and a host of other athlete services. In addition to what the Olympic Training Center offers, USA Archery funds some of the cost for Resident Athletes to attend national tournaments, and our sponsors provide much of the equipment used by the Resident Athletes.

Resident Athlete Program – Selection Criteria

USA Archery’s Resident Athlete (RA) program is designed to provide maximum training opportunities for future Olympic hopefuls. Participants train year-round, receive mental and physical training from USA Archery’s national head coaching staff, and have access to nutrition, sports medicine and recovery services.

To be eligible to apply for the RA Program, applicants must meet the minimum qualifying score
(FITA or double 70m, which may be achieved at USA Archery sanctioned State or Regional Championships Events, USAT Qualifier Series Events, National Championships, or World Ranking Events for their current age division.


FITA Score

Double 70m (60m Cadet)


1250 Men / 1240 Women

620 Men / 610 Women


1250 Men / 1240 Women

620 Men / 610 Women


1250 Men / 1240 Women

620 Men / 610 Women


To be eligible to apply for the RA Program, you must be a U.S. Citizen ranked in the top 16 of the Recurve National Ranking System of the application year.

Each applicant will be evaluated based on their past performances, national ranking, physical abilities, and future potential. Athletes may be accepted into the program at any time during the year. USA Archery will continue to accept applications throughout the year and fill any open positions on a case-by-case basis.

All accepted applicants will be placed on a 30-day trial period. After 30 days, the RA Program coaching staff will review the athlete’s progress and initiation into the program. This procedure is designed to allow both the coaches and the athlete to determine if the athlete has the potential to be successful, mentally and physically, within the structure of the current USA Archery RA program.

USA Archery’s national head coaching staff will periodically review each athlete’s performance and determine his or her continued participation in the program. To apply for the Resident Athlete Program please complete the RA Program application and submit via email to USA Archery’s High Performance Program Manager at

To download an application for the Resident Athlete Program, click here.

To apply for a short-term training program at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, click here.