Making the U.S.  Paralympic Archery Team

The process to make the U.S. Paralympic Team is slightly different and has different requirements than the Olympic Team. First, the athlete will need to have a current World Archery classification. This will help determine the division in which the athlete is eligible to compete. 

The athlete will also need to shoot a minimum qualification standard score for his or her division set by World Archery in the year before the Paralympic Games. 

The U.S. Paralympic Team Trials process consists of three selection events. Athletes placing in the top 8 in each division at the first selection event will be awarded points for their ranking round placement to carry forward for the trials. Athletes can also earn bonus points for shooting specifically outlined scores.

The second selection event allows the top 8 athletes in each division to continue earning points for ranking round scores that will carry forward to the final stage of the trials. Again, bonus points are awarded for specific scores in each category.

After this event, the points awarded from the first two events for the ranking rounds and ranking round bonus points will be calculated. The final selection event consists of a ranking round and round robin match play. Points will be awarded for placement in the ranking round, bonus points for ranking round scores, points for the number of wins in round robin match play, and points for the athletes’ three arrow average during the ranking round. The total cumulative points after all three selection events will determine the ranking for the U.S. Paralympic Team Trials. 

The number of Paralympic quota slots per division will be based on the U.S.’s finishes at the World Archery Para Championships and Parapan American Games in the year before the Paralympic Games. There will also be a specific Paralympic Qualifying event for slots not earned at those events.

The most slots any country can qualify is 3 Recurve Open Men, 3 Recurve Open Women, 3 Compound Open Men, 2 Compound Open Woman, 2 W1 Compound Men, and 2 W1 Compound Woman.