Starting an Explore Archery Program can be completed in five easy steps!

1. Find an Instructor: USA Archery requires that all instructors for the Explore Archery program be certified at minimum as a current USA Archery Level 1 Instructor, National Archery in the Schools Program BAI, BAIT or BAIT-S, or Olympic Archery in the Schools Level 1 Instructor. Visit the USA Archery instructor locator to search for an instructor or learn how you can get certified as an archery instructor.

2. Register Your Program: When you register your program with USA Archery you get access to all of the great Explore Archery Program benefits! These benefits include the Explore Archery Instructor Book, award sets, a quarterly newsletter, regularly updated activities and grant opportunities. Click the links below for registration options.

3. Purchase the Instructors Guide and Awards

Visit the USA Archery Shop site to purchase the Explore Archery instructor’s guide and optional Explore Archery Awards. Click here to view a sample of the Explore Archery curriculum. (Note: file size approx. 14 MB).

4. Find a Safe Place to Shoot:  Basic archery ranges can be safely set up in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you do not have access to a permanent range, consider converting an existing recreational space to a temporary archery range. Please visit the program resources page for more information on archery range development.

5. Get the Equipment: USA Archery sells customizable and pre-packaged beginner archery equipment kits that can accommodate archers of all sizes.  Please visit the USA Archery online shop for equipment options. Please contact for additional information and questions about Explore Archery.