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Thank you USS Donors for January February and March

April 23, 2021, 3:06 p.m. (ET)

US Speedskating is privately funded by generous people like the ones listed below.

All donations support the Team and ensure our athletes are prepared on and off the ice by providing training, Sport Science, medical, travel benefits and grassroots event support. Help our athletes go from Pond to Podium by making a general contribution here.

Thank you to the following donors for your support this January, February and March
Russell Owen
Thalia Staehle
Andrew Love
Jing-Kye Yen
Zachary Devenuto
Tristan Boyd
Michael Robinson
Thalia Staehle
Andrew Love
Jing-Kye Yen
Zachary  Devenuto
Tristan Boyd
Diane Clow
Jill Griffiths
Ella Moodey
Skylar Weinstein
Holly Meacham
Michael Robinson
Andrew Heo
Hudson Halling
Marta Meehan
Amanda Reynolds
Hannah Stolz

New Alumni
Corey Ames
Curtis Sheldon
Hufsah Sadiq
Laura Zuckerman
Mitchell Ferguson

World Championship Team Fundraiser
Sal Stangarone
Kristen DeClemente
Jersy Huang
Andrea Roberts
Peter Hall
Caleb Nahory
Darrell Poleviyaoma
Chip Barber
Amji Cortes
Tamera Dawson
Barbara Van Mondfrans
Jason Lin
Jeff Edwards
Joel Boyd
Alan Grefsheim
Lily Ikemoto
Tony and Jean Letai
Barbara Long
Devlin Foley
Alice Pappas
Randy Sears
Deb Perry
Erika Halliday