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October Feature Club of the Month is Colorado Gold Speedskating Club

Oct. 14, 2020, 11:19 a.m. (ET)

Located right next to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Gold Speedskating Club is gaining momentum as we approach the 2022 Olympic Games. Formerly known as Broadmoor Speedskating Club, the club has records that date back to 1968, although it is suspected to go back much further. The club makeup is largely composed of adults, making up about half of the team, and Club President Dave Hopp thinks he knows why. “Kids tend to favor the sports they see on TV and sports their parents are familiar with. As a result, a larger percentage of our participants tend to be people that are looking for something new as opposed to kids that are still trying the more common sports. Also, about half of the adults in the club have been members for over 8 years so they make up a solid core.”

The club is making strides at turning their skaters from a recreational based group, to competitive athletes whose goals aim high towards making National, World and Olympic Teams. In the immediate future, the club is holding its first sanctioned event; The Mile High, on October 17th. The club has been working closely with the rink to implement a plan that will allow them to safely host this event within COVID-19 guidelines.

When they’re not at the ice rink, the club  takes advantage of their location and does weekly ascents on the world famous Manitou Incline located in Manitou Springs, CO. The incline gains over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than a mile, and one club member even does over 200 ascents a year! The ascents are led by Patrick Wentland, current coach and former US World Team Coach in 1998. 

The club also does a lot of partnership work with a local inline group called Synergy;they find that a majority of athletes participate with both clubs. If skaters express an interest in inline, Colorado Gold gives them the necessary information they need to get started, and Synergy does the same. “Both clubs ultimately do better by supporting each other.” Hopps states, “In the past, we have done joint promotional programs, such as sharing a booth at an expo[sition], which had some modest success.”

As the new season progresses, it will be exciting to see what this growing club will be able to accomplish! Click this link to find out more about Colorado Gold!