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Short Track World Cup 5 concludes in Dresden

By Tom Haraldsen | Feb. 09, 2020, 3 p.m. (ET)

It was a weekend of learning and gaining experience for the young Team USA at the ISU Short Track World Cup five that concluded in Dresden, Germany, today. There were no Americans in the A Finals, but several skaters had noteworthy performances.

In the ladies competition, Maame Biney finished second in her heat of the 500m and advanced to the quarterfinals. She just missed qualifying in the 1000m, finishing third. Biney continued to advance in the 500m on Sunday, earning her way into the B finals, where she finished fourth. She came back in the 1000m repechage and moved into the quarterfinals, where she placed third.

Kristen Santos took first in her 1000m heat on Friday and advanced to the quarterfinals and semifinals, where she finished fourth. She was fifth in the 1500m quarters on Friday and won her race in the 1500m repechage on Sunday but she was eliminated in the semifinals.

“For me the weekend was not too bad,” Santos said. “I made it to the B final in the 1000 which I’ve been consistently finishing top 10. Obviously, would have loved to medal but glad I have consistently been towards the top and am excited to have another chance at the 1000 next weekend.”

Corinne Stoddard took second in the 1500m repechage on Saturday, and finished third in the quarterfinals. Julie Letai had a third place finish in the 500m repechage and did not advance. In her first world cup, Shreya Arun, skated both the 1000m and 1500m but did not advance.

The ladies 3000 relay team of Biney, Letai, Santos and Stoddard earned their way into the repechage semifinal, but were penalized and did not advance.

In men’s competition, Aaron Tran advanced into the 1000m quarters with a second- place finish in his heat, finishing fourth in his quarterfinal race. He was penalized in his 1500m event.

Andrew Heo  moved into the 1500m semis with a second-place finish in his quarterfinal. In Sunday’s semi in that event, he finished 7th and did not move onto the finals. He was fourth in his 1000m heat, and came back to take third in the 1000m repechage.

Ryan Pivirotto  was third in the 1500m quarter and fourth in his 500m heat. He skated repechages in both events, taking second in the 1500m but was penalized in the 1500 quarters. He did not have a time in the 500m rep.

Clayton DeClemente finished third in the 1500m quarters and fourth in his 500m heat on Friday. He skated to a second-place finish in the 1500m repechage but was penalized in the 1500m quarterfinal. He also placed fifth in the 500m repechage but did not advance.

The 2000m mixed relay team took third in their heat and did not advance. The men’s 5000m relay team of DeClemente, Heo, Pivirotto and Tran was fourth in the quarterfinal after winning their repechage heat.

Team USA will now move on to Dordrecht, Netherlands, for World Cup 6, Friday, Feb. 14.

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