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Feature Club of the Month Adirondak Speedskating Club

Aug. 17, 2020, 11 a.m. (ET)

The Adirondack Speedskating Club’s mission is to introduce and sustain a lifelong enjoyment of speed skating to everyone in the Adirondack region. Serving the Adirondack Park and Champlain Valley areas of New York State, the Club has been resilient and thriving for over 100 years!


The Adirondack Speedskating Club was formed in 1908 in Lake Placid and continues to grow and develop National and Junior world-class athletes every year, despite a small population base of only around 2000. In recent years, multiple skaters from the Club have been selected to US World Junior Long Track Teams and have also competed at World University Championships. Adirondack Speedskating Club is largely supported by the Uihlein Foundation, created by philanthropist and speed skating supporter Henry Uihlein (Uihlein was also a starter for speed skating events at the 1932 Winter Olympic Games!). It is through this foundation’s support that the club offers Henry’s Kids, a youth skating program that allows children to experience speed skating for little to no cost. In addition, Adirondack proudly offers numerous other programs and competitions and continually puts great effort into them to hone its athletes’ skills.


With many years of combined speed skating experience, Club coaches Mike Miller, Cynthia Cary, and Tom Miller pride themselves in demonstrating the absolute best the sport has to offer. Currently, the Club trains at former Olympic sites, but it is eagerly looking forward to the opening of their new oval in December 2021. At this new facility, the Club will focus on building a year-round program that will include both housing and educational opportunities for its skaters. The Club also is preparing to host the 2022 World University Championship and the 2023 FISU University Games at the new oval. Keep up the great work, Adirondack Speedskating Club!


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