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Thanks to Toyota for Supporting our 2nd Annual Women of Speed Camp

Aug. 10, 2020, 7:42 p.m. (ET)

Last week, we held yet another incredible Women of Speed Camp! 


In compliance with COVID-19, our half-and-half virtual and in-person solution allowed over forty participants with ages ranging from as young as 10 to as wise as 70 to learn in a women-supporting-women environment. Just over fifteen women enjoyed the experience at our in-person hubs, encountering the empowerment first-hand.


Setting the tone for the rest of the camp, we kicked off Friday, July 31 with a motivational video screening. Junior National Team members and recreational skaters alike watched the all-out effort of the powerful US Speedskating women en route to winning a World Championship Title. 


Brittany Bowe then addressed the ladies with her vision for the camp, one we hope they take with them out into the world: unite as females in sport to be stronger together. Outlining what it takes to achieve this goal, Brittany Bowe urged women to lift each other up and support each other along the way.


Next, we were honored to host guest speakers from Toyota. Executive Dedra DeLilli and Toyota Athlete Alise Willoughby both empowered the group to be confident in themselves and take their chair at the table. With their mindsets in the right place, Leah Lambert, coach at the Regional Training Center in Roseville, prepared the women for the ice sessions to follow through her principles of speed skating technique.


In the ice sessions, the ladies enjoyed the unique experience of a multi-coach program. We incorporated training sessions from coaches Leah Lambert; Sara Bowles; Katherine Reutter; Marion Wohlrab and USS Trainer Christina Carroll, such that participants could experience programs and philosophies from various speed skating ideologies.  


Saturday, the women reconvened with a warm-up session utilized by the National Team. Kimi Goetz and Christina Carroll led the group in the dynamic warm-up, followed by a technical dryland session to get ready for short track ice. Our virtual campers also had the choice to extend the dryland session and add some intensity by building more of a fartlek.


After refueling with a delicious lunch sponsored by Toyota, the ladies attended a presentation by Dr. Jen Day that was geared towards female nutrition. Cookbook author Kimi Goetz also provided a special video showing the group how to cook chicken curry and how she likes to prepare meals for a training week. 


We concluded Saturday with a session about age-appropriate weight training, a topic highly applicable to our participants’ wide age range. Presentations throughout the camp included interactive quizzes that allowed participants to answer questions on an app on their phones.  


Brittany Bowe, a certified yoga teacher, kicked Sunday off with a great morning yoga session. After we spent some time taking care of our body, mind, and soul, we listened to USS Olympian and sports business entrepreneur, Lydia Murphy-Stephans. She shared her experiences of how her skating career gave her the skill set to succeed in a male-dominated business sector: sports entertainment television. She left the ladies with some great advice, inspiration and ideas to explore in their own endeavors.  


We wrapped up the camp with four World Champions, Bonnie Blair, Chris Witty, Jen Rodriguez and Brittany Bowe on a zoom panel. They were joined by Kimi Goetz, who spent her Sunday with us as well. It was an awesome way to ask questions on all topics, skating and non-skating. How cool is it to chat with FOUR female World Champs at once!!!


Thank you to all our speakers, panelists, camp participants, coaches, and staff who made this camp another memorable event. Our Women of Speed were both inspired and empowered, leaving the weekend full of energy, plans, dreams, and food for thought.