Aaron Tran and Kristen Santos earn the title of 2019 US Short Track Champions

Jan. 06, 2019, 2:28 p.m. (ET)

The final day of racing at the U.S. Short Track National Championships featured the Men’s and Ladies 1000m, and the Men’s and Ladies Relay events.

Andrew Heo (Warrington, Pa.), Jonathan So (Reston, Va.), Adam Callister (Salt Lake City, Utah) and 2018 Olympians Aaron Tran ((Federal Way, Wash.) and Thomas Hong (Laurel, Md.) battled in the 1000m A Final, with Hong winning the race and the 1000m national title. With a first, second and third place finish in the three events this weekend, Tran was named the overall 2019 U.S. National Short Track Champion.           

In the Ladies 1000m, it was Kristen Santos (Fairfield, Conn.) who finished ahead of Corinne Stoddard (Lake Tapps, Wash.), 2018 Olympian and U.S. Short Track Junior Champion Maame Biney (Reston, Va.) and junior world team members Hailey Choi (Oakton, Va.) and Julie Letai (Medfield, Mass.) in a very tight race. Santos finished the overall event with two first places finishes and a third place finish to earn her the overall 2019 U.S. National Short Track Championship title.

The Ladies 3000m relay team of Biney, Stoddard, Jamie Jurak (Newington, Conn.) and Danielle Amos (Dayton, Ohio) took the top spot, while the Men’s 5000m relay team of Hong, Callister, Heo and Albert Zhong (Burlingame, Calif.) won their event.  

The final world cup teams will be decided and announced later today.

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“I definitely felt better today,” said Kristen Santos. “Usually I mess up in the winter trials, I get really high anxiety, have really high expectations and freak myself out. But I’m happy that I didn’t self-destruct. I’m obviously very happy with today.”

"It feels nice to be first overall, but I can't ignore I still made a few mistakes in today's race," said Aaron Tran. "I'll be focusing on that and become more prepared for international competitions."

“I’m a little disappointed with the 1000 because it’s my best distance and I didn’t skate as well as I could have,” said Corinne Stoddard. “When I went to the front, I didn’t go all out. When I decided to go fast, someone was next to me and we bumped and I lost all my speed. From there, there was no chance to go around into second.”

“The 1500 was good, the 500 was my worse distance and it went pretty well,” said Adam Callister. “The 1000 was a lot of us vying for the final champion spot and I didn’t quite make the cut. Everyone raced really well and it makes it hard to finish on top in situations like that. I still made the world cup team so that I’m happy about. I love Germany and I love Italian food for world cup six, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“My 1000 went really well,” said Andrew Heo. “I raced it perfectly, I think in my head. Coach Wil [Boomstra] talked about game plan before and it worked out really well.”

“I came out on top in the 1000m which I knew I needed coming into this race to solidify my world spot,” said Thomas Hong. “Yesterday, I had some fumbles so it put a little pressure on me. Today, I was able to make some moves and come out on top.”

“The 1000s are my second favorite distance and this race went by super quickly,” said Maame Biney. “I had to turn it on immediately and not really watch the race. I was very quick on my feet and I was able to do what I needed to do.”

“I’m pretty pleased,” said USS National Short Track Head Coach Wilma Boomstra. “The young ones stepped it up again a notch. You can see the gap between them is getting smaller, which means their levels are getting higher and higher, which means we’ll be ready for international competitions. I love how my team works together. They’ve got each other’s backs and I love that. So I’m happy.