Bowe adds another 1500m gold medal to her trophy case

Feb. 03, 2019, 3:12 p.m. (ET)

Brittany Bowe (Ocala, Fla.) wrapped up her World Cup weekend in Hamar, Norway, with a gold medal in the 1500m (1:55.89), besting the Dutch duo of Lotte van Beek (1:57.13) and Joy Beune (1:57.15). The win moves the two-time Olympian into the lead in World Cup standings as she looks to the World Championships next weekend in Inzell, Germany. Bowe’s win today follows yesterday’s gold medal performance in the 1000m that set a new track record with a time of 1:14.791. Bowe also skated the 500m (1), finishing just off the podium in fourth place.

Erin Jackson (Ocala, Fla.) faced fierce competition in the 500m, finishing 16th in the first race and 19th in her second. Kimi Goetz (Flemington, N.J.) earned her first world cup gold, winning the 500m (2) B Division. Brianna Bocox (Cheyenne, Wyo.) finished that event in 9th place. Goetz and Bocox skated in the 1000m B division on Saturday, finishing in 7th and 14th respectively. Goetz, Bocox and Carlijn Schoutens (Heemestede, NED) continue to improve in the 1500m division B group. The trio finished in the top 15, with Goetz earning the best result in 12th place.

Two-time Olympian Joey Mantia (Ocala, Fla.) finished 6th in today’s 1500m (1:46.699), paired with world record holder and Sunday’s gold medal winner, Russian skater Denis Kushov (1:44.95). Mantia finished 10th in the 1000m on Saturday (1:09.691). Olympian Kimani Griffin (Winston-Salem, N.C.) raced both 500m B division events, finishing 12th in the first race, and 7th in the second 500m. Steve Hartman (Falcon Heights, Minn.) made his World Cup debut, racing the 1000m and 1500m B division events.

In Friday’s long-distance races, 2018 Olympian Mia Kilburg (Crestview, Fla.) finished just inside the top ten in the 3000m B division, with teammate Schoutens in 15th. Team USA did not have men competing in the 5000m races. Bowe, Mantia, Griffin, Jackson, Kilburg and Goetz will compete in the 2019 World Single Distance Championships in Inzell, Germany, Feb. 7-10.

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Brittany Bowe – 1000m – Gold (1:14.791)—New track record

Brittany Bowe: 1500m – Gold (1:55.89)

Brittany Bowe: 500m (1)– 4th (37:597)

Joey Mantia: 1500m – 6th (1:46.699)

Joey Mantia: 1000m – 10th (1:09.691)

Erin Jackson: 500m (1) - 16th (38:793)

Kimi Goetz: 500m (2) B Division- Gold (38:910)

Brianna Bocox: 500m (2) B Division – 9th (39:687)

Kimani Griffin:  500m (2) B Division – 6th (36.046)



“I’m really pleased with this weekend’s racing,” said Brittany Bowe. “It was a great tune-up for the World Championships. I’m feeling strong, confident and ready to go head-to-head with the best in the world next weekend.”

“We had a good weekend of prep for the World Championships,” said USS Head Coach Tom Cushman. “We can see the speed and power coming to the fore, getting ready for our best performances of the season. The ice and the track will be faster in Germany, so that plays to our strengths. We will have to make sure we stay low and strong through those last meters in each race next weekend. We’re looking forward to racing!”

"I'm looking forward to racing in my first championships," said Kimi Goetz. "It will be the first time I've been stacked up against the best in the world head-to-head, so I'm really excited for that. I am now officially in double digits for the number of times I've raced each distance (500, 1000, 1500), so adding a few more to my tally will be a great experience, plus it's on the biggest stage possible!"