First Long Track World Cup Spots Earned during the Mass Start event

Nov. 01, 2018, 10:30 a.m. (ET)

When the mass start event debuted at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, long track skaters got a taste of tactical skating. Instead of racing head-to-head against one skater, the mass start race can have up to 24 skaters all starting at the same time.

At the mass start event at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, at the start of the world cup qualifier, only a handful of skaters raced at a time, but an excited crowd watched the athletes compete in two races per gender. Each race consisted of slower laps mixed with four intermediate sprints, including one sprint at the end of the event. Top finishers in each of the sprints get points, as well as the first three skaters who cross the finish line. The top three skaters win the mass start and the rest of the standings are based on sprint points.

The ladies took the ice first with Olympians Mia Manganello Kilburg (Crestview, Fla.) and Maria Lamb (St. Paul, Minn.), along with Kimberly Goetz (Flemington, N.J.), Paige Schwartzburg (Ocala, Fla.) and Rebecca Simmons (Averill Park, NY.). At the conclusion of the first race, it was Goetz, Kilburg and Simmons in the lead. The end of the second race had Kilburg beating Goetz, leaving them tied for the top spot. With the tie-breaker going to whomever finished ahead in the last race, the final results were Kilburg, Goetz, Simmons, Lamb and Schwartzburg.

"I'm extremely happy with my results," Kilburg said. "With my recent move, I haven't been able to train as much as I would have liked, so I was unsure what to expect coming into this race. My plan was simply do my best and have fun! Being out on the ice again was a blast and a complete rush! I felt lucky to be racing alongside such strong women."

In the men’s event, four-time Olympian KC Boutiette (Tacoma, Wash.) raced alongside two-time Olympian Joey Mantia (Ocala, Fla.). Ian Quinn (St. Louis, Mo.), Justin Stelly (Kaplan, La.), Ethan Cepuran (Glen Ellyn, Ill.) and Connor McDermott-Mostowy (Washington, D.C.) rounded out the competition. The first race concluded with Mantia, Boutiette and Quinn in the top three spots.

During the second race, Stelly pushed hard to lead the pack, almost lapping the rest of the skaters before slowing down to finish third, while Quinn was disqualified after he was called for obstruction.The combined results for both races had Mantia, Cepuran and Boutiette, followed by Stelly and Quinn.

“The qualifiers felt nice,” Mantia said. “I’m looking forward to getting overseas to race. It should help build some motivation to get back into the groove after the Olympics.”

The top two finishers for the Mens and Ladies races earned a spot for the fall world cup mass start events. They are Goetz, Kilburg, Mantia and Cepuran.

Today's Results

Racing continues at the Pettit National Ice Center on Friday, Nov. 2.