Cepuran's Silver Medal Closes Out World Junior Championships For Team USA

March 11, 2018, 6:59 p.m. (ET)

The 2018 ISU World Junior Speed Skating Championships concluded today from the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah. Over the three days of skating, there were 239 season bests, 232 personal bests, 11 National Records, 84 Junior National Records and 10 Junior World Records set.

Team USA closed out the three-day competition with a silver medal in the Men’s Mass Start, courtesy of Ethan Cepuran (Glen Ellyn, Ill.). It was the second consecutive weekend that Cepuran reached the podium in the Mass Start having finished third last weekend at the ISU Junior World Cup Final at the Utah Olympic Oval.

“I had to look at the board first to make sure that I medaled,” Cepuran said following the Mass Start award ceremony. “I knew it was close but I had to make sure, and then I screamed. I was so happy – I couldn’t believe it.”

At the completion, Casey Dawson (Park City, Utah) was the top U.S. male finisher in the Allround classification, finishing 10th overall with 149.533 points. On the women’s side, Corinne Stoddard (Federal Way, Wash.) led the way, finishing 14th overall with 165.113 points.

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Team USA World Junior Championships Results

Women’s 500m
23. Corinne Stoddard 40.47 (PB, SB)
24. Jamie Nelson 40.52 (PB, SB)
32. Saree Han 41.00
35. Blair Cruikshank 41.25 (PB, SB)
38. Lindsey Woodbury 42.29 (PB, SB)

Men’s 500m
9. Austin Kleba 35.47
24. William Gebauer 36.41 (PB, SB)
40. Ethan Cepuran 37.29 (PB, SB)
41. Conor McDermott-Mostowy 37.37 (PB, SB)
42. Casey Dawson 37.38 (PB, SB)

Women’s 1500m
25. Corinne Stoddard 2:04.66 (PB, SB)
30. Jamie Nelson 2:06.39 (PB, SB)
35. Lindsey Woodbury 2:13.33

Men’s 1500m
19. Casey Dawson 1:48.44 (PB, SB)
27. Ethan Cepuran 1:49.49
30. William Gebauer 1:49.77 (PB, SB)
43. Conor McDermott-Mostowy 1:52.36

Women’s 1000m
22. Corinne Stoddard 1:19.61 (PB, SB)
32. Jamie Nelson 1:21.21
35. Saree Han 1:25.06 (SB)
36. Lindsey Woodbury 1:25.11

Men’s 1000m
11. Austin Kleba 1:09.72 (PB, SB)
27. William Gebauer 1:11.83 (PB, SB)
28. Casey Dawson 1:11.84 (PB, SB)
30. Ethan Cepuran 1:12.12 (PB, SB)

Women’s 3000m
14. Corinne Stoddard 4:19.71 (PB, SB)
24. Jamie Nelson 4:36.03 (PB, SB)
27. Lindsey Woodbury 4:48.84

Men’s 5000m
14. Casey Dawson 6:40.87 (PB, SB)
24. Conor McDermott-Mostowy 6:54.09
25. Ethan Cepuran 6:54.35

Women’s Team Sprint
7. Team USA 1:34.48

Men’s Team Sprint
5. Team USA 1:22.55

Women’s Team Pursuit
7. Team USA 3:23.15

Men’s Team Pursuit
6. Team USA 3:52.67

Women’s Mass Start
12. Corinne Stoddard
22. Jamie Nielson

Men’s Mass Start
2. Ethan Cepuran
9. Conor McDermott-Mostowy

Women’s Allround Samalog
14. Corinne Stoddard 165.113
19. Jamie Nielson 169.260
20. Lindsey Woodbury 177.428

Men’s Allround Samalog
10. Casey Dawson 149.533
17. Ethan Cepuran 151.281

Quotes from Ethan Cepuran

  • “I actually didn’t know I was going to race. I found out about five minutes before it started. We only had one spot going into the race, so I was in the stands until about halfway through the ladies race when my Dad came up to me and said we had another spot, so I didn’t have time to think much. The field last week wasn’t nearly as strong as this week’s field. We had more experience racers today, so I was thinking if I could get a top-10 or top-20, then that would be awesome. This weekend, it hadn’t gone as well as I had hoped with the last two days of racing being some of the worst days of racing I’ve had all season long. Then today we kicked it off with a (National Junior) Record in the Team Pursuit, and I felt better afterwards.”
  • “Last year at Worlds, I made terrible mistakes. I finished 22nd or something like that. Today, I knew I had to stay somewhere near the front or in the middle, and just wait for the right time to inch forward because you can tire yourself out early in the race just jostling for position. I just had to wait for the right moment.”
  • “I had to look at the board first to make sure that I medaled. I knew it was close but I had to make sure, and then I screamed. I was so happy – I couldn’t believe it.”