2018-19 USS Junior National And Development Teams Announced

June 22, 2018, 3:49 p.m. (ET)

Congratulations to all Junior and Neo-Senior skaters who earned a spot on the Junior National Team and/or Development Team. We are proud of your dedication, passion and work ethic and looking forward to support you in conquering the next challenges and hurdles on your path to become the best skater you can.

(All athletes listed in alphabetical order)
* Denotes athlete accepted National Training Program invite

Long Track Junior National Team

Ethan Cepuran

Casey Dawson *

Austin Kleba

Corinne Stoddard


Short Track Junior National Team

Maame Biney *

Elizabeth Johnson

Julie Letai


Andrew Heo

Brandon Kim *

Jonathan So *


Long Track Development Team

Blair Cruikshank

Jamie Nielson

Anna Quinn

Lindsey Woodbury


Fletcher Codd

Adam Johnson

Connor McDermott-Mostowy

Jonathan Tobon


Short Track Development Team

Hailey Choi

Ava Fradlin

Gabby Hachem

Corinne Stoddard


Aaron Heo *

Shawn Kim

Luca Lim

Caleb Park


The team was selected based on the USS Long Track Regulations and USS Short Track Regulations. It is comprised of Junior World Team Members, as well as the top three overall finishers at the USS AmCup series in the 2017-18 season.

Junior team members will receive complimentary invites to USS junior development camps as well as Under Armour gear.