US Speedskating Aligns With NormaTec For High Tech Athlete Recovery

July 07, 2018, 9:09 p.m. (ET)

With 88 medals, the US Speedskating team is America’s most decorated winter Olympic sports team. This year, as part of an increased focus on athlete recovery, US Speedskating has partnered with NormaTec’s sophisticated recovery technology for their athletes. As a Proud Supplier to US Speedskating, NormaTec is providing PULSE PRO Systems with attachments for legs and hips to both short track and long track speedskaters.

“Speedskating is an extremely demanding sport that requires hours of rigorous training to reach the top,” said Shane Domer, Sports Science Director for the US Speedskating teams. “As a result, we are always searching for ways to speed our athletes’ recovery so that they can endure a difficult training regimen.  We rely on NormaTec to reduce muscle soreness, and enhance overall recovery to ensure that our athletes are prepared for their next session."

The NormaTec PULSE Series uses patented compression technology to provide rapid athlete recovery. Using NormaTec boosts circulation to the limbs, rejuvenates sore muscles, and reduces pain. Adding NormaTec to their training and recovery protocols puts US Speedskating amongst the 97% of pro teams and growing number of Olympic teams who already rely on NormaTec’s technology.

“We are very proud to work with US Speedskating on this initiative,” affirms Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec. “Anybody who has watched this sport knows the extreme power of these athletes, and it is a tremendous honor to help them recover and be at their absolute best on the ice.”


About US Speedskating: From Pond to Podium, we are US Speedskating. We grow and nurture a sport where all ages can experience the thrill of speed and the camaraderie of the skating community. US Speedskating is responsible for the development of speed skating from grassroots to the highest elite racing programs. US Speedskating is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union as the governing body for the sport of speed skating in the United States. The Organization has won 88 Olympic medals to-date, making it one of the most successful sports in U.S. Olympic history. US Speedskating is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Follow us on TwitterInstagram, on Facebook and at

About NormaTec: NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting edge compression systems that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. Using NormaTec’s full-length leg compression boots, arms, and hips before or after intense workouts rejuvenates muscles and reduces tightness and soreness. Invented by an MD, PhD and perfected by professional athletes, NormaTec recovery systems are the go-to equipment for the world’s best. For more information, visit