Racing Concludes At Short Track World Cup Qualifiers

Aug. 20, 2017, 7:05 p.m. (ET)

Skaters capped off the three-day Short Track World Cup Qualifiers today, completing the men’s and women’s 1000m (1) and 1000m (2).

J.R. Celski (Federal Way, Wash.) and two-time Olympic medalist Katherine Reutter (Champaign, Ill.) claimed the overall Short Track World Cup Qualifiers 1000m titles for the men and women, respectively.  

Celski, a three-time Olympic medalist, finished second in the men’s 1000m (1) in a time of 1:25.499 and won the final race of the weekend – the men’s 1000m (2) A Final in 1:26.905. Throughout the Short Track World Cup Qualifier, Celski finished first overall in the 500m and 1000m and placed second overall in the 1500m, behind John-Henry Krueger (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

“I’m glad we can now hone in on our training and really perfect our skating technique going into the World Cups,” said Celski. “It’s been a short summer, so hopefully we can revisit some technical training from early summer.”

Reutter won the women's 1000m title by placing third in the 1000m (1) in 1:32.761 and second in the 1000m (2) in 1:36.034.

Lana Gehring (Chicago, Ill.), who finished second overall in the 500m classification, won the 1000m (1) in a time of 1:31.981. She was the only woman to break sub-1:32.000 on the day and finished second overall in the cumulative rankings for the 1000m.

Maame Biney (Reston, Va.), who swept the women’s 500m events on Saturday, finished third overall in the 1000m by winning the women’s 1000m (2) in 1:35.208 and taking the top spot in the women’s 1000m (1) B Final. Biney and Gehring tied in total 1000m points with 1410, but Gehring came out ahead in the tiebreaker of fastest 1000m heat (Gehring, 1:31.981; Biney, 1:35.208).

“In the first 1000m, I hesitated and waited too long to pass,” said Biney. “In the second 1000-meter, my initial thought was to stay behind and trail for much of the race but I gained too much speed around lap four or five and made it to the front. After that, I just didn’t want to fall.”

Ryan Pivirotto (Ann Arbor, Mich.) finished second overall in the 1000m distance. The 2016-17 Fall World Cup Team member won the men’s 1000m (#1) A Final in 1:25.406.

The official World Cup Team roster will be announced on Tuesday. Team USA’s first World Cup will be in Budapest, Hungary from September 28 to October 1.

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A Final Results
Women’s 1000m #1
1. Lana Gehring 1:31.981
2. Kristen Santos 1:32.117
3. Katherine Reutter-Adamek 1:32.761

Men’s 1000m #1
1. Ryan Pivirotto 1:25.406
2. J.R. Celski 1:25.499
3. Aaron Tran 1:25.679

Women’s 1000m #2
1. Maame Biney 1:35.208
2. Katherine Reutter-Adamek 1:36.034
3. Gabriella Hachem 1:37.270

Men’s 1000m #2        
1. J.R. Celski 1:26.905
2. John-Henry Krueger 1:27.031
3. Thomas Hong 1:27.156