Team USA Continues to Podium on Day Three

March 16, 2014, 3:11 p.m. (ET)

Long Track World Cup Final: 

Day three of the Long Track World Cup Final came to a close this morning with Shani Davis and Heather Richardson being named the 2013-14 Grand Overall World Cup Champions for the 2013-14 season. This is the first time since the award’s inception that an American has won the title, let alone two Americans sweeping both the Men's and Women's title.

Along with being named the Grand Overall World Cup Champion, Richardson secured her spot as the 2013-14 Overall World Cup Champion in the 1000m. This championship comes after Richardson placed third in the 500m #2 with a time of 38.04 and earned the spot of second place overall in the 500m for the 2013-14 World Cup season. 

Brittany Bowe also represented Team USA on the podium by placing second overall in the 1000m for the 2013-14 World Cup season. Bowe just barely missed the podium in the 1000m this morning by placing fourth with a time of 1:15.10. 


- Richardson placed fifth in the 1000m with a time of 1:15.46

- Bowe placed tenth in the 500m #2 with a time of 38.47

- Mitch Whitmore placed 15th in the 500m #2 with 35.60

- Tucker Fredricks placed 19th in the 500m #2 with 48.14 

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Short Track World Championships:

It was the third and final day of competition in Montreal, Canada at the Short Track World Championships with the men’s and women’s 1000m races. J.R. Celski and Jessica Smith ended the season on a high note for Team USA as Celski took first place and Smith took home second place in the Men’s and Women’s 3000m Superfinal races. Celski was joined on the podium with Jingnan Shi (CHN) in second and Victor An (RUS) in third. Smith was on the podium with Suk Hee Shim (KOR) in first and Valerie Maltais (CAN) in third. Skating a time of 4:51.625, Smith set a new American record in this distance. 

With his performances this World Cup season, Celski earned second place overall for the 2013-14 season. 


- Emily Scott skated in the heat round and finished third in her heat

- Jessica Smith advanced to the quarterfinals of the 1000m and finished fourth in her heat

- Chris Creveling advanced to the semifinals of the 1000m, but had an unfortunate fall and didn’t advance to the finals

- J.R. Celski skated his way to the semifinal round of the 1000m and finished third in his heat

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