Richardson and Bowe Nab Gold and Bronze

March 07, 2014, 4:01 p.m. (ET)

Long Track World Cup #5:

Heather Richardson skated to gold with a time of 37.85 in the 500m #1 at the Long Track World Cup in Inzell, Germany on Friday morning. Richardson finished ahead of Judith Hesse (GER) who placed second with 37.86, and Olga Fatkulina (RUS) who placed third with 37.89. Her first place finish comes after skating in the 1500m where she placed 11th with a time of 1:57.16. 

Brittany Bowe started the morning by nabbing bronze in the 1500m. In the last pair to skate, Bowe skated against Irene Wust (NED) to secure her third place finish with a time of 1:55.06. Wust placed first with a time of 1:54.03 and Lotte van Beek (NED) placed second with 1:54.70.


- Brittany Bowe placed eighth in the 500m #1 with 38.13

- Sugar Todd placed 19th in 500m #1 with 39.09 

- Kelly Gunther placed 25th in 500m #1 with 40.21

- Anna Ringsred placed 28th in 500m #1 with 40.49

- Ringsred placed 5th in the 1500m Division B with 2:01.42

- Patick Meek placed 12th in the 5000m with 6:32.08

- Racing resumes Saturday morning @ 7:30am EST

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Lehman Skates to Bronze in 3000m at Long Track Junior World Championship:

Emery Lehman placed third in the Mens 3000m Friday morning at the Long Track Junior World Championships in Bjugn, Norway. Lehman skated in the 12th pair and secured his third place finish with a time of 3:55.31. Patrick Roest (NED) placed first with 3:52.05 and Willem Hoolwerf (NED) placed second with 3:54.06. Lehman also skated in the 500m where he finished 40th with a time of 38.31.


- Andrew Astalos placed 15th in the 500m #1 with 37.31

- Steven Hartman placed 21st in the 500m #1 with 37.66

- Kyle Ronchak placed 29th in the 500m #1 with 37.95

- Brandon Molenda placed 48th in the 500m #1 with 38.73

- Jerica Tandiman placed 18th in the 500m #1 with 41.44

- Sarah Warren placed 25th in the 500m #1 with 41.83

- Clare Jeong placed 43rd in the 500m #1 with 43.49

- Jeong placed 30th in the 1500m with 2:12.25

- Tandiman placed 32nd in the 1500m with 2:12.33

- Darien O’Neil was disqualified in the 1500m

- Hartman placed 28th in the 3000m with 4:09.15

- Racing resumes Saturday at 5am EST

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Short Track Junior World Championships:

The Short Track Junior World Championships started Friday morning in Erzurum, Turkey with the 1500m and Relay distances. The 3000m Men’s Relay Team skated their way through the heats and quarterfinals to secure a spot in the semifinals on Saturday. The team consists of John-Henry Krueger, Aaron Tran, Ryan Pivirotto and Thomas Insuk Hong.


- Jacqueline Chen, April Shin and Kimi Goetz skated strong races in their heats and quarterfinals of the 1500m, but didn’t advance past the quarters.

- John-Henry Krueger was penalized in the 1500m quarterfinals on a questionnable call and didn’t advance.

- Aaron Tran skated hard in the heats, quarterfinals and semifinals of the 1500m, but didn't advance to the final.

- Thomas Insuk Hong advanced to the quarterfinals of the 1500m, but didn’t qualify for the semifinals.

- The Womens 3000m Relay Team fell early in the heats and fought back hard to place fourth in their heat, but didn't advance to semifinals. 

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