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Midway Speedskating

The Midway Speedskating Club is a non-profit, parent-run, organization committed to the development of young skaters in the sport of Speedskating. The club primarily focuses on skaters 18 years and younger, although older skaters who have grown with the club are also coached. In addition, the Club helps sponsor several out-of-town national-level and Olympic-level skaters who have grown with the Club.

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Twin Cities Speedskating

We are a non-profit organization that promotes the sport of speedskating and welcomes all skaters - children and adults, male and female - once basic skating skills have been mastered. The focus of the club is to introduce and improve skills and techniques used in the sport of speedskating - both short track and long track - while emphasizing fun, practicing good sportsmanship, fostering self-confidence, and achieving one's personal best. Our members participate in local, state, and national competitions throughout the United States. The goal for many club skaters is to compete in future world events such as the North American Championships and the Olympics. For others, the club provides fun and fitness.