USS Officials Seminar Photo Finish - CANCELLED

Feb. 03, 2022 - Dec. 06, 2021




USS Officials Clinic – Photo Finish
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 3rd – 6th, 2022


Steve Fisher, USS Automated Timing Specialist & Photo Finish Judge, will provide insights in the technology to capture each and every single finish line crossing.

The clinic will start on Thursday evening with a brief into and then a hands on setup session of the photo finish equipment. During races on Friday/Saturday/Sunday you will be the practical part of capturing finishes and evaluating the photo finish pictures.

The clinic is suited for:

·       Everyone who wants the best seat in the house

·       Technical interest volunteers

·       Everyone who always wondered how we get accurate times for our skates

There are no pre-requisites, although it helps if you are interested in technology.

If you have a tablet such as an IPAD, please bring it, I will like to eliminate printing cost, the Training Manual can be provided in PDF format.


         Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Meet at 5pm at the Pettit

Brief theoretical intro

Practical application, setting up the photo finish system

Integration with other systems, Transponders and Tempus

Introduction in to capturing and evaluating

Friday 4th and/or Saturday 5th and/or Sunday 6th

            Each day’s starting time will be announced on Thursday

                        Practical application of capturing finishes and evaluating skaters