US National Challenge Short Track - February

Kearns, Utah

Feb. 01 - 28, 2021

US National Challenge - Short Track



Keep improving on your own results while also keeping an eye on your peers. If you just joined the fun, become the best you can within the month of February!

On and off the ice, we created challenges each USS member can accomplish while tracking their individual performance and improvement over the course of the season. The challenge will consist of four one-month-long competitions. Post and update your best results within each month on the results-portal as often as improvement occurs. There is no limit on how often you can try to beat your own personal best. Have a coach time and/or measure your attempt and log it in the results-portal. 

Winners of the outlined age groups will be determined for the months of November, December, February and March and will be awarded with a USS Challenge Coin.

All participants we will be entered in an additional drawing for UnderArmour Team Gear. Enhance your chance to win some gear and get an extra enty by tagging @usspeedskating while posting the video of your challenge attempt. 

Let's compete and overcome the obstacles we are facing currently!

This challenge is based on good sportsmanship.


What are the Rules?

National Challenge Rules for ST & LT

Complimentary Registration

Results Portal Short Track


*You have to be a current USS member to participate
*You have to register to be eligible for prices