USS Officials Seminar - Competitor Steward

Virtual, New Jersey

Dec. 11, 2021 7 a.m. (ET)


USS Officials Seminar - Competitor Steward

This seminar is highly encouraged for anyone interested in the Competitor Steward position. 
No prior knowledge and/or experience needed.


Time:  Saturday, December 11th 9:00am—Noon ET & Sunday, December 12th9:00am—Noon ET


Host:  USS and ISU International Competitor Steward, Tingting Huang

Workshop Agenda:

  • Day 1:  
    • Competition Stewards responsibilities and prep work/knowledge before the regional event;
    • Meet Manager Software installation instruction
    • Overview the software status for the current and upcoming regional events
  • Day2:
    • Hands-on exercise to use Meet Manager Program to create/import skater list, event list and to generate the start list, results and overall post-meet report.
  • Competition Stewards and assistants duties in the meets


The goal of this workshop is to prepare participants to be Assistant Competition Stewards at regional short track meets. Participation plus experience as a comp steward assistant at one or more meets may satisfy requirements for Level 1 Competitor Steward certification, per USS Officials’ certification requirements and process (

There will be a hands-on exercise including meet planning & set-up, creation of skating groups and events, running through a simulated meet with the most common (and some uncommon) scenarios, and generation of post-meet reports.

Participants will receive pre-work communication about software installation links and instructions after the registration. Any questions, please contact