Ohio Invitational ST Meet & Heartland #3

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Dec. 04, 2021 10 a.m. (ET)


Ohio Invitational and Heartland Racing Series #3

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The Ohio Speedskating Association would like to thank you for your interest in participating in this year's Ohio Invitational Meet/Heartland Series #3.   At this time, we have reached the maximum number of skaters and have closed down the registration process.  We will not be accepting any further entries for the event.   Thank you.  

The Heartland Racing Series (HRS) is set to begin its 2021-22 season!

Started in the Fall of 2013 with the goal of creating a season-long, Midwestern circuit of open class races to develop a passion and skills for racing, the Series is hosted by some of the most popular and established meets in the USA in conjunction with their other racing divisions.
This season's schedule is as follows - 
October 16-17th, 2021    HRS Event #1 - Buffalo Short Track Speedskating Championships, Buffalo, NY
November 7, 2021          HRS #2 - Great Lakes Short Track Championships, Milwaukee, WI
December 4, 2021          HRS #3 (Tentative, pending confirmation) - Ohio Invitational, Cleveland Heights, OH
March 5-6, 2022             HRS #4 - Land of Lincoln Short Track Championships, Champaign, IL                                                                                
March 19, 2022              HRS #5 - Cheese Cup, Green Bay/Cornerstone, WI
Skaters ages 12 and older who meet the time qualification standard of 1:48.00 for men and 1:58.00 for women are eligible to compete.
Times must be skated since July 1, 2019 in a sanctioned competition with a published protocol, or, - as a special accommodation this year due to the impact of Covid on racing in the past year - in a practice since July 1, 2021 certified by a USS Certified Coach.
All first time qualifiers will receive the special Heartland pin. This year, all entrants in each event will receive a Heartland logo sticker and cloth tote bag, courtesy of USS.
The format will consist of a two-round progression (heat/final). The 1st place finishers in each heat will advance to the A final followed by the remaining skaters seeded by time results of the heats. Distances competed will be the 500, 1000, and 1500. The host meet may add distances or special events at their discretion, time permitting. Heats and finals will generally have 5 on the line of the 500 and 1000, and,  8 for the 1500.
Prizes will be awarded to Series champions at the end of the season in the following categories:
Overall points champion; Overall samalog time champion; Individual distance (500, 1000, 1500) points and time champions.
To be eligible for Series prizes a skater must compete in at least 2 events. If a skater competes in more than 2 HRS events the results from their best 2 events will be used in calculating their final standing.
For more information, results, more details, and photos of the Series, go to the Heartland Racing Series Facebook page at: