USS Officials Seminar - Competitor Steward

Kearns, UT, Utah

Aug. 05, 2021 6 p.m. (ET)


Competitor Steward Seminar

Thursday, August 5th 2021 - 6pm-8pm MT

This seminar is best suited for Competitor Stewards Level 3 and up.
Experienced Level 2 are welcome to participate to work towards level 3.

The seminar is hosted by ISU Competitor Steward, Donna Fiorenza

We will focus on the following items:
- understanding the use of 'current distance classification' for ranking/seeding purposes
- seeding procedures for WC Fall Qualifier and Olympic Trials
- Time Trials procedure for Olympic Trials
- competition format for Olympic Trials
- special classification used for Olympic Trials
- ST Age Group Nationals - changing for seeding
- LT Age Group Nationals

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